More vids! – Dancing & laughing

Guy took some videos when I was out shooting all day Saturday. Then we looked at a few before those only to find some funny stuff! Yes, the first is long at 1 1/2 minutes, but the rest are all pretty short . After so many great comments on the last videos you now get some more. Hope you enjoy them.

This first video is us trying to get them both dancing. I think what ends up happening is way better. Blake is definitely a mover and shaker! Madison loves to do whatever Blake does, and she isn’t quite as coordinated as he is.

This next one is 30ish seconds. Madison cracks me up. Even though she is getting abused by Blake she just wants to dance. This is completely typical of how they are each and every day.

Number three is 22 seconds long since we kept having to break for drama & discipline. It is probably my favorite of Maddy though. How she does things is so funny. She loves the big Ooooo face right now too.

#4 is 16 seconds. Do you think Blake’s dream in life is to be a pro wrestler? I’m leaning towards a big YES.

How many giggles can fit into 11 seconds? Guy said the kids ran around doing this for at least 10 minutes before he pulled out the camera. Round and round the coffee table they go.

The last second of these 17 is my favorite. Blake definitely knows he didn’t do what he was supposed to…