Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to everyone!!!! Because we all have a very personal connection to this holiday!

Yesterday I realized that I still don’t really like to celebrate Mother’s Day. Did I even say it to my mom who is here visiting? Did I call Judy? Did I cull Mum? Nope. I’m very sorry to all three of you! It wasn’t intentional, and I’m only realizing it at this very late in the evening hour when all are asleep! I think my hesitation in not wanting to get into Mother’s Day is because of all the women I do and do not know out there who are not able to be a mother at this time. It isn’t guilt. It is an awareness of those whose struggles may be similar to mine in trying to become a mother. On Mother’s Day I do not think of myself or my mothers & grandmothers, but those who are wanting more then anything to experience the wonder, joy and heartache being a mother brings. I hope you will one day become the mother you so want to be!

Maybe after years of avoiding it I just need to embrace it. All my mothers sure deserve a wonderful tribute each year! They are the very bestest, and I love all three to pieces!
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  1. I hope you a had a wonderful Mother’s Day, but it probably wasn’t that different for you, as I know you appreciate the wonder of being a mom every day! Say hi to Mom for me. I don’t know what time she got there on Saturday, so I don’t know if she left before my surprise got there. If she doesn’t know what I’m talking about, tell her to call Grandma, and have her take a picture for Mom! Love you all bunches!

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