Moving days and pregnancy update

Here is a photo from the rainy day wedding last week.
Our last growth u/s and OB appointment were on Monday this week. The growth u/s went well with the boy estimated to be 6 lbs 9 oz and the girl to be 5 lbs 13 oz. They should each continue to gain about 1 oz per day. The boy is at the 89th percentile and the girl is at the 68th. The perinatologist was giddy she was so pleased we were all doing so well! She said my uterus is amazing. lol We then headed over to our OB appointment to meet the new OB on the block. He was very nice. At the last minute he decided to do a cervical check. As he did his eyes got a little big and he said, “I feel the head and you aren’t going to last much longer.” He said I was dilated to 3 cm. He mentioned setting up an appointment for next week, but that I would most likely not make it that far. I was very happy to have gotten to at least 3 cm with my current pain levels! As I told my mom… Any cm of dilation gained with very manageable pain is a blessing to me. So far the babies are showing all signs of staying in the belly for a while longer. Still having contractions, but they are all manageable.

Right now it’s after 3 am on Thursday morning. Yesterday the movers came to pick up our stuff. They did a wonderful job even if they did take a bit long to get it done. Tomorrow I have tried to streamline the process with diagrams where they need to place furniture and boxes in all of the bedrooms and living room. This will hopefully help to speed things along and give us the most unpacking time tomorrow we can get. Normally Guy is the one who wants to be all unpacked and set up ASAP, but this time I am already feeling the urgency to get settled in quickly. We packed like mad the last few days and were 98% ready when the movers arrived. Normally we would be 100%, but with me so slow and kinda useless in many ways we just weren’t.

Molly and Logan got here safely Tuesday night. They flew in from Cincinnati, OH. Logan is now 9 months old and is such a joy to have around. He is also pretty big for his age. Molly has been a HUGE help! She has helped with organization, cleaning (especially cleaning), and keeping us sane. We really appreciate what a wonderful friend she is and the sacrifice she has made to come visit and help us in our time of need. She will also be able to help with the movers if we were to have these babies at the drop of a hat!

We also received some help from our friends Mona and Amanda from church. They came by Tuesday night to help us get the last 5 boxes packed and a few empty spots cleaned for the new owners. I know the new owners definitely appreciate moving into a nice clean house!

The walk thru on our new house went well. They have left it much cleaner then we had anticipated. And since we couldn’t find any dry ice they also let us put our freezer stuff in the freezer! Very nice.

That’s all for now!