Mum and Dad’s new floor

It’s looking great. I’ll have to take an after photo to post. Sorry, no before photo.

Guy and I have had three fabulous nights sleeps in a row. Last night was the shortest of the three at 6 1/2 -7 hours (he got the 7 this time)! Love it. With these wonderful sleeps we have been able to get an early start to each day. The old saying – Early to bed and early to rise – applies so wonderfully here. I’ve always admired and strives to live with that saying whenever possible. AND even better, we have gone for a walk the last two mornings! Guy too!!! This morning we went 4 miles. Hopefully this wonderful trend will continue the rest of the trip and when we get home. Guy said he is going to try roller blading again. That way he can take either the babies or the dog when his schedule permits while I get the other. He hasn’t decided which would be easier yet. I’ll just stick to either the babies when rollerblading for a while and take Moose when we are only walking.

Yesterday we hung out at Melia’s house while the floors were being done where Afton was home alone. Cynthia also came over with Alyssa, Bradley and Belle too. I set up the kids with their own mini ‘studio’ in the house. We put a black cloth over the front door, found a small side table then added a breadbox on top for the camera (it weighs a ton), found a small storage cube to sit on, and used Afton’s Caboodle case for Belle to be able to see through the viewfinder. Then all the kids took turns taking photos of the others. They even got a few with both babies. We all thought it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to send them the photos they took.

Yesterday Guy and his dad stayed home to be here while the floors were being done (Today we all decided to stay home to rest and hang out). They got out two photo albums that covered the time they were in Hawaii where Guy was born. Yep, it’s official…. Blake definitely looks like Guy. Now we both know we have a little look alike. His and hers kids. lol They do have certain features that are mixed up but look predominately like the same sex parent. Both of them have my eye shape and Guy’s eye color. He has my super arched nails and she has his flatter nail beds. The albums were so much fun to look at. Now that we have been married a few years it is pretty easy to spot which kid is which in their younger photos. Melia and Ngaire are still hard for me sometimes, though. And boy to Afton and Marci look like their mamas when they were younger! Bradley looks so much like Jamie too. Donna was such a blondie with the same white blond hair Tawni has always had. I feel really lucky to have married into this family. There just aren’t that many people out there who really love their in laws and enjoy being around them!!!