My beautiful little sister!

These are some photos we took back in February for my sisters yearly photos. She is 17 & a junior in high school.

A pretty girl with awesome long hair.
Gracie Feb 09 1065

This is my favorite from the day. Well, maybe the ones of her with the kiddos are my favorites, but of just her this is the one.
Gracie Feb 09 1067

We were messing around doing the hair throw back.
Gracie Feb 09 1026

She has the best smile and laugh. Her laugh is surprisingly deep and very infectious!
Gracie Feb 09 1058

Gracie Feb 09 1051

This is my second favorite shot. It’s all about the funny face here.
Gracie Feb 09 1011

I love this girl! Maybe she’ll want to go to college by us and come live with us for a few years.
Gracie Feb 09 1009


  1. she is beautiful. can i just tell you how talented you are. We love our pics. of parker ella and kristen & cory's pics. are amazing. really amazing. i can't wait until we get our family pics. thanks a ton.

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