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I have a lot of pictures to share with you including all my 30 days of summer shots over the last week. The next two days I should have a lot more time to blog & share some photos with you!

Back in the day, and I mean way back in the day, I thought wearing glasses would be really cool. Were we all so dumb at the age of 12-13? During the summer it was always time to spend a few weeks with my dad in Georgia. My dad LOVES to go see movies as much as I do so I came up with a really cool plan to convince him I needed glasses. So here it is…

We would go to the movies. Once there he would head up to the top row where we always sat. About half way up I would interject my need to sit closer to the screen because it would be to hard for me to see from WAY up there.

Ironically, here is what really happened. We arrived at the movie theater where we promptly got in line for the good stuff (popcorn is yum yum yum). He saw a movie poster across the lobby which was black with a large symbol on it and a short word beneath it. He asked me what movie it was for. I told him Batman. He asked how I knew to which I replied it said so under the symbol. He asked me if it said that under the symbol. I told him it sure did. He immediately steered me in the direction of the sign asking me to say when I could really read the word to him as we walked closer to it. A little more then halfway across the lobby it became clear. It was the date the movie came out! Guess where we went to the next day?

I clearly remember my first car ride with glasses on. The world was amazingly colorful and detailed. I could actually see individual leaves on trees from the car. How cool is that? Well, really if you saw the glasses I (yes me) picked out you would be rolling on the floor laughing. They were a semi clear plastic with rainbow colored lenses (blue on top transitioning to red on bottom). They also were big enough to go over my eyebrows and halfway down my cheeks! lol

From the age of about 19 I started to wear contacts. That was another life changing event for me. LOVE contacts until I grew to hate having to depend on them over the years. About 3 weeks ago my eyes started rejecting my contacts. They would no longer stay on my pupil. It was crazy uncomfortable, blurry and so not fun. Guy and I talked about LASIK eye surgery. We decided if I was a good candidate then it would be a great investment in our future.

Surgery is scheduled for the 20th at 2:00 PM. I think this is going to be an amazing thing! Next will be laser hair removal for Guy. He can’t grow a beard or stash or goat. Nope. Just call him patchy. Why spend loads of money on razors and shaving cream when it could all be magically made to go away. Lasers are like magic to me.

Please pray for Guys mom and two sisters! His mum is having knee replacement tomorrow (she found out today!). His sister is having heart surgery tomorrow to repair a genetic hole in her heart they just found! His other sister is 29 weeks pregnant with high blood pressure so we are hoping she doesn’t become preeclamptic.

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  1. Good luck with the Lasik! I had the PRK surgery performed about 6 years ago and have been THRILLED with the results (hated glasses/contacts because I am a diver). I've had some dry eye issues that I didn't have before, but pretty minor and mostly at night, so no big deal. I think it's definitely worthwhile to have done. Although, understand that your eyes continue to change with age!

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