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Hey all of you darling readers and great comment leavers! My friend, Ruth, is on hospital bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. She is only about 25 weeks too!!! This is going to be a long stay for her. They found out she has placenta previa (like they thought my little sister Tawnihad last year). She has four beautiful kiddos at home over a 2 hour drive away so she doesn’t get to see them very often. Let’s pray her cervix and placenta keep it all together and leave her some comment love with lots of great links to keep her busy.

Rachel and Elaina have inspired me to start giving you all tips about photography. I will be putting some on here and some on my photography blog. Today I thought to give you guys a ‘let’s flatter women’ tip.

For those of us on the receiving end of photos we have all had those shots taken of us we just hate because “Do I really look like that?!?!” runs through our minds. Unfortunately this next tip is going to be a tough one for my very vertically challenged readers. I wonder how really short photographers deal with this? Hmmm, interesting thought. Back to the tip. When you are photographing adults it is best to be at least eye level if not a bit higher. This is the same effect as when you come accross a skinny mirror. I don’t know about you, but I love me a skinny mirror! This happens because the mirror is tilted slightly towards you from the top. The same principle applies to the camera when taking a photograph. This is just one simple way to help eliminate what seems like the 10 added pounds in photos and video. Try a couple shots with the camera at 3 different levels. Start about 2 inches below eye level, then eye level and the last shot should be 2 inches above eye level. If you would like to share your results I would love to see them!

Recently a lot of obscure people have ‘found’ me on Facebook. I’m still not sure why some of them want to be my friend because we haven’t had one conversation or comment exchange. BUT I have had several people find me who have been a ton of fun and interesting to reconnect with. You know the Facebook high school thing going around? Well my one and only prom date found me recently. How cool is that? I still remember the white strapless dress showing off my horrible farmers tan, the round (yep round like Gerald from Wallas & Ladmo for you Phoenixites!), and the tight perm on my still blond hair. So not cute or cool. Another friend of mine who is sisters to an even better friend of mine found me recently. We exchanged emails and her Christmas letter today. It was sooo much fun to see all of their photos and the little blubs about each family member. Now I have even more of a draw to go visit Seattle with my cousin and a good friend there! All the cool memories of fun times are just floating around pleasantly through my head keeping me away from working and going to bed in a timely manner. Oh well. Who needs sleep. ME!

Remember I said I won a clippie for Madison? It arrived and I absolutely love it! Seriously! She already wore it yesterday and today. And I can’t believe it stays so well in her hair for a ‘big’ clip! Check out Berkley’s Clippies for one of your own or for a gift. Madison would sure like some more. They even have a little something extra inside to keep them on her hair without pulling any of it out. She likes that. Apparently it is also quite tasty too. I’ve determined Madison loves to eat anything non food, but can be a little picky in the food category. The second photo shows off some red clay spiked with rocks she ate in Georgia. I love the photo too!

Lorie from the blog Be Different… Act Normal offered the clippie as a prize. She has some great give a ways and some wonderful ideas for decorating, crafts and cool stuff. I like to see what she posts. Thanks again to Lorie and Berkley’s Clippies!


  1. Wow, you have a lot for me to comment about:
    1. I’m sorry to hear that your friend is on bedrest already, that is no fun at all! I can’t imagine being on bedrest and then having other children to worry about.
    2. Thanks for the photography tip! I can stand to lose 10 lbs. and will take whatever help I can get.
    3. Facebook – Okay, so I’m totally addicted to this and can relate to having “friends” that you don’t even talk to…they are doing a Facebook etiquette segment on the Today Show so that should be interesting.
    4. Aren’t blog giveaways the best? I’ve actually won 3 in the past month or so. I’ve been slacking majorly on updating the blog but I’ll be posting about my loot soon.

  2. saying prayers for your friend…

    can’t wait to read all about your photography tips, thanks~

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