My gorgeous little sister

Here is little Gracie! I am absolutely impressed by what a solid and beautiful person she is both inside and out. Here are a few photos of her from our trip to Atlanta.

She was riding up front with Guy while the babies and I squished on the back. lol

Here is how I was perched on the back a bit sideways… By the way, these are the best not so high chairs! They are both free standing and strap onto chairs. We tote them around the house for feedings in the various rooms right now, strapped them on the back of the golf cart below, and we have taken them into a restaurant. The restaurant is a fabulous application in my book. The babies are up at the table level even at their tender age, and they are clean unlike many restaurant chairs. My favorite part about these chairs is the cost at only $50 for the top of the line instead of the bottom of the high chair line at $80.

Grace is one of the few non mother women (and beats most of the moms too) who is absolutely comfortable holding and taking care of both babies at the same time. She wasn’t afraid to jump right in with them. They both took to her immediately as well. Of course, she also has hair about the same length as mine for them to tug and grab.

Here’s Gracie laughing at Guy because he is tired of not having some good Mexican air conditioning with me stopping to take photos every once in a while… And he really protested when I pointed the camera at him which is what got her really laughing. Sheesh, he is getting much worse then ever before in not wanting his photo taken.