New blog and first OB appointment!

I’m so excited to share my new blog with you all!  It’s in a format that is super easy to maintain, make design changes and create posts.  There will be a few more features like the products we like and recommend coming soon as I get those little bits together.   I’m also thinking it would be great to come up with a cool graphic logo for White House III.  We’ll see.  I’m also planning on doing some regular features that include photography tips and crafts now that the kids are getting old enough to have some crafty fun with.  Let me know if there is anything specific you want to see included in this blog other then more images with Guy in them.  I say fat chance on that happening in the next little bit.  One of these days he’ll be brow beaten into loving himself in images.

Now onto the news many are anxiously waiting for.  We Finally had out first OB appointment which we were so lucky and grateful to be able to get insurance coverage for.  We first met with a really nice nurse who happens to be an identical twin!  She also disproved my identical twin theory.  Every identical twin I’ve met since reading an article saying, they generally do not have any self confidence issues with their looks, has confirmed that both they and their twin are happy with their looks.  Our nurse said both her and her sister have some doubts and always think the other looks much better or skinnier even when the same weight.  Sorry for the sidetrack, but I know a lot of moms who read my blog with identical twins!    After a while we then went to get my labs done.  Nuf said.  She took us into the doctors office.  It was sooooo full of stuff and so much of it was breakable.  The kids were not in the mood to be calm or hands off in the small office.  He came in after knocking and calling through the door if it was safe…  lol  He mentioned it sounded very loud when he came in.  We talked to him for a couple minutes.  He mentioned I’m a great candidate for a VBAC {vaginal birth after cesarean}, and baring no issues at the end of the pregnancy I should be able to labor for a vaginal delivery.  Nice.  He also said we’ll definitely do an ultra sound {u/s} to confirm my due date.

All in all he was really nice and we both liked him.  After waiting a little bit, it was our turn in the exam and u/s room.  In no time he was telling the kids the baby would look like a gummy bear on the TV.  He started the u/s.  My first thought was, “hmmmmmmmmm.”  He immediately says, that is certainly not a gummy bear on the screen as he is moving the u/s around.  As he is taking a measurement he says, “It looks like there is only one in there.”  Ha ha to all those wishing more twins or even trips on us.  We would have done it, but wow that first year is a ton of work.  So he gets done with the head to rump measurement and says I’m 11 weeks 1 day along!!!  My due date is April 21st just 3 days after the kids birthday.  That means I just totally “lost” almost two weeks of my pregnancy thinking we were in the 9th week and finding out it was the 11th week!  Bye-bye May 1st due date!!!  I’m so excited to fe further along then we thought.  At my first OB appointment I find out we are basically done with the first trimester.  Love it!

This isn’t a steller image of the baby, but it shows the rump on the left then back and the head disappears to the right.  He was nice enough to print off three copies so the kids could each have a picture of their baby.

Ultrasound 11wks 1 day Oct01 2010

We played in the rain several days this week.  The kids loved it as much as I remember loving it.  In this shot I was moving the camera with Blake to grab the action.

The kids thought the dolls needed some water!  Still laughing at this one.

Guy really has gotten onto me this week for not taking before images.  Duh!  Next time we do something drastic I promise to.  This area was completely grown together where we had to contort and move bushes aside to get to the spigot to the left of the electrical box.

I love all the lines of toys that appear in random places around here.  It seems like everyone else with kids about this age is experiencing the same thing.

It seriously rained most of this week.  I loved every minute of it.  In fact, after being so disconnected from the outside the last few hot humid months it feels like nature and I are totally one again.  Stopping to listen through the open windows to the breeze move the tree leaves has sidetracked me a lot this week.  Here is a shot of one of our cars with the new Lifelong Impressions advertising.  I love it.  It’s a product called window perf which you can see through from the inside.

Another example of the kids happily playing in the rain with their ‘bats.’

Madison enjoyed licking the water off the fallen leaves.

Then Blake asked to try it.  Check out the spider bite by his eye.  This is after the swelling mostly went away.

He thought licking it was pretty cool too.

I often let the kids play on the front porch where I can see and hear them.  It’s huge.  We love it.  Well, one morning this week I asked them to come in and Blake exclaimed how he wanted to go play in the rain.  I informed him it wasn’t even raining so he couldn’t.  Later after their nap I went into the kitchen while they were on the front porch again to do a few dishes.  The next thing I see and hear is Blake over by the garage {right in front of the sink window} yelling at the top of his voice how it is raining and he is playing in it.  I guess he thought my earlier explanation was permission to go play in the rain when it began again.

I used the kids as models during a private photography lesson this week.  Madison was thinking up some devious way to be silly or something here.

She has  the sweetest expressions sometimes.

They’ll always hug.

This little guy is all about quick movements and little moments of laughter and connection.

He’ll actually listen to instruction every once in a while too!  I love this soft natural look with no agenda.

He’s showing us how well he sweeps and can wield a broom.

Madison is just chillin with Guy in the next three shots.  I love to watch the kids cuddle up to their dad.

So love this one.

She started acting silly as I was talking to her.

The kids are obsessed with vitamins.  Really, truly obsessed.  They ask for one at breakfast plus at least 2 more times each day.  They get half a Flintstones or generic equivalent.  Sometimes we give them half of a vitamin C like they are holding here.

The really weird part is how they eat them.  They savor them and lick them as they hold onto it with two fingers.  Blake does this with any candy, popsicle or other treat whenever he can.  He even did it with a dried apricot this weekend!

Sometimes we just have to tell them, him especially, to just bite and eat whatever it is.

This was the first project we started on Friday!  Guy got the absolutely brilliant idea to cut a hole in our detached garage’s ceiling for the attic stair installation as well as put some boards down to allow us to utilize the space.  We didn’t know, but thought there would be some great space up there.  Just prior to this shot he stuck his head up there and was able to confirm we had LOTS of space.  YIPEEE!

Here is a shot from the front showing how tall the pitch is.  When we were loading it up I was able to stand up in the exact middle.

Here’s Blake with his 3D glasses from watching the Owl movie currently out.  Great movie.  I think he looks so funny in these glasses.

And here is Madison featuring some of our mess that went up into the attic behind her.  There was three times as much on the other side of the garage since we park an SUV where she is standing.

The kids were helping Guy get the trim for around the access door.

That’s all for now.  I’ll have lots of after pictures from all our projects this weekend.  Right now I need to go be with the family!

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  1. Love the new look! You guys never cease to amaze me at all the stuff you have going on and manage to balance it beautifully. I’m so thrilled of your surprise baby, what a blessing! So glad to also hear your first appt. went so well. Sounds like April is a special month in your family. 🙂

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