Not so fun contractions and update

I’ve been having contractions for about 5 weeks now. Most of them are just a tummy tightening with some mildly painful ones. On Sunday night (it’s Tuesday now) they became very painful. They were so strong they made me throw up. Yuk! It’s only the third time this whole pregnancy. Because I threw up I thought the pains were related to overeating or an upset stomach. Two hours later after still having them it finally dawned that they were really contractions. I drank as much as possible to stay hydrated since upchucking can make one dehydrated. I finally fell asleep and within 20 minutes was woken up by another very painful contraction. After waking Guy up we called the on call OB who had us go into the hospital. We got in there, had to strip and wear one of those pretty gowns, and was hooked up to a monitor. The babies were moving a lot so they weren’t able to get a steady h/b on either of them. The girl was a bit easier, but she finally gave up on trying. At first there were no contractions and she said she was going to give me a button to push to indicate when I thought I was having them. Then about 15 minutes later I still didn’t have a button and mentioned I was having a contraction. She told me I was having them every 2 minutes. They let the doctor know who ordered a couple of tests and came in to do a check on me. They had me do a urine sample to test for an infection, an FFN test to see if the protein babies release just prior to labor was there, and a few other tests for misc. things. All of them were negative which is great. He also did a cervical check, my first, which is a very unpleasant exam as women who have given birth would know. He thought the cervix felt closed and thought only a finger maybe on the dilation. He also had them give me a Tributaline shot as well as some IV fluids. After the shot and starting the fluid I felt sooooo much better. The shot’s side effects are a racing heart and some very jittery babies… They were already moving a lot but became wild little monkey’s in there! Guy could see my tummy jumping a few times. The OB said to just take it easy yesterday and to go to my already scheduled appointments on Tuesday.

Today we went to our growth u/s first. The babies look great and the digital image of my cervix showed it is still 4 cm which is great. So those nasty contractions haven’t been making a change which is a big relief. The OB was the last new one I hadn’t met yet. She was very nice, and took a look at the babies. She let me know Tributaline doesn’t work to stop real labor so my painful contractions weren’t real labor and they didn’t change my cervical length. Both very good signs that pre term labor is not imminent. She said we’ll be in the office so often at the end that we should schedule our next apt for 4 weeks out with the understanding if anything goes wrong I will call or come in right away.

I did have a weird experience when getting the u/s done. I felt really starving hungry and mentioned it. Then I started feeling faint. The u/s tech was great and recognized the signs of the baby weight cutting off my main circulation since I have to lay on my back for the u/s. She got me to lay on my left, a nice cool washcloth for my forehead (right as I started to get really hot), and some lovely graham crackers. After a minute or so I felt much better. Never saw that one coming. She said it is pretty common in later pregnancy or us really big multiple baby carriers. No wonder I never lay on my back as instinct must have let me know it would be an issue!

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  1. Oh Shannon! So happy that they were just BH’s, but sorry for the ordeal nonetheless. Glad you and the kiddos are happy and healthy! Thanks for keeping us posted

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