Now for the actual big news and some photos

Blake slept eleven and a half hours last night. Madison slept 9 hours uninterrupted. Whoa. That means I actually slept for 8 hours on the nose!!! Yippee. It is the first time since Guy took a feeding a couple of months ago. We came close on our trip to Utah, but this was my first official night. And you know what? I’ve been really tired all day…. lol

Guy worked two off duty shifts this 4 days off. It has actually been no break for either of us. It feels like we have both been moving full steam ahead for 7 days now. I don’t think he should do two off duty shifts on the same 4 day off stretch. His normal 12 hour days are brutal enough.
We are going to Phoenix 10/4-14. It will be the 6th trip in 6 months for the babies. They are definitely well on their way to being accomplished travelers. Of course, we’ve heard they get a lot harder to travel with after the first year because they need to be entertained more. We’ll see.
The trip to the grocery store tonight was not as bad as I thought it would be. Here’s what I did. I put my wallet, the WIC checks and the keys in my pockets. I put on the front carrier with Blake in it. I carried Madison in my left arm propped on my hip. Once at the car in the garage I put Madison in her seat and then walked around, had into the far back row of the Envoy and put Blake in his seat. At the store I did the reverse. We went in. The clerks pulled the formula for me from behind the counter. He put all of it in one bag for me so I could make one trip to the car and into the house. The bag weighed about 20 pounds with the 11 cans of the liquid concentrate and the two cans of powder. By the way Madison soaked two entire cloth diapers and two bibs with her spit up while we were doing all of this. My guess it was too much pressure on her tummy with me holding her one handed for so long.
Madison got her ears pierced. That is the big news. Here’s a shot of her with her new earrings.
Her cute smile.
Her in the Bumbo. She likes it and Blake hates it. I guess it’s a good thing we only have one.

Bubbles and new earrings.

Her big smile. Her dress matches the earrings perfectly.

A funny face.

Blake looking at us when we walked back in the house.

Blake laughing in excitement. It loses something in a still photo.