OB appointment update

I just realized in my last wordy post there could have been some worry about things.

Tawni is doing well. It turns out she had an infection and was not leaking amniotic fluid. We’re all thankful it was ‘just’ an infection. She also got her ultra sounds she has been desperately wanting for a few weeks now. The baby’s placenta is still over her cervix. Other then that he is doing well.

My OB appointment went well also. I did ask him about my bright red skin, but since I have no other signs of high blood pressure he wasn’t worried. There was no high blood pressure when they took it, no swelling anymore and no protein in my urine. Both babies are head down at the moment. The boy isn’t quite in a good birth position as his head was not engaging my cervix. So they do need to move a bit. I mentioned my concerns over a c section to him with my slow healing and he was so much nicer then the last OB I saw. Mostly we actually talked about photography and not baby stuff. He wants to get a nice digital SLR camera.

Last night Guy and I packed 7 boxes. That almost doubled our total boxes packed! lol He is working on packing some today and I promised to help him tonight as well. Surprisingly I am not extra worn out today. I’m still having trouble staying awake today (same yesterday), but I think it’s just the end of pregnancy exhaustion and getting up 4-5 times a night to pee. Still having quite a few painful contractions though out each day. But they still seem to not be doing anything.