Off to see the family

We are almost ready to leave for Utah very early in the morning. My friend Heather came over to sit with the kids while I ran around to get a bunch of stuff done. They were pretty good for her. I was able to eat with no baby in my arms, take a shower, fold laundry, pack, ready bottles, gather some food, straiten up a bit and get the diaper bag ready. Guy got off work early too. After running a couple more errands we can get down to the business of trying to cram in as much sleep as possible before we head out to the airport. The flights there and back are completely sold out. We also cannot sit in the same row with two lap children because of the lack of oxygen masks. One of the errands we are off to run right now is to return my prenatal vitamens. Apparently they changed the formula. They now are at the top teir of our copay. $50!?!?!?!? For vitamens. You have to be kidding me. We are going to take them back and get some cheaper ones. They look exactly the same as the old ones which worked fine.