Oh Maddy

Why oh why does Madison fight sleep each and every time?
Church has changed the start time to 9 am with the annual rotation making it fair for all of the congregations in the building to have ‘good’ meeting times. Most people love 9 am. I used to. But Blake & Madison both nap from around 9:00-9:30 for about 30-45 minutes and then again around 11:30-12:30 for another 1-2 hours. Their last nap is around 5 pm for 30-40 minutes. Well, their first two naps are completely in the church meeting schedule.

The Sacrament (main) meeting is from 9:00 to 10:10.
Sunday school is from 10:15 to 11:05.
The Women/girl teens & Men/boy teens meetings are from 11:10-12:00.
There is also Primary for all kids 18 months to 11 years from 10:15-12:00.

Yesterday I attended the Garner Ward which is the congregation (Ward) we used to attend before moving to the new house. This is where Guy goes to church when he works day shift, because it is in his jurisdiction & they are sooo kind to let him go if there are no calls for the first hour meeting. Since they are the same time my own ward is I had no trouble ‘getting up and going’ to get there. Really, what choice did I have? LOL It was either one or the other and for 8 months I have been saying I would go when he works Sunday days to see my friends.

Oh yeah, back to my issue with the poor babies and their naps. They fussed and refused to nap during Sacrament. I ended up walking around and around the hallway (most of our church buildings have a chapel & gym/cultural hall in the middle with a bunch of classrooms around the outside all with a semi circular hallway between the inside and outside rooms) for most of the meeting. Then came time for their morning runny food usually fed to them after the nap. Then came their 11 am ish bottles. Then they looked really sleepy while eating them so I actually got to go to the women’s meeting. Nope, they perked right back up with the change of scenery! Blake finally fell asleep around 11:45 in my arms, and Madison kept on fighting on until Maria gave her the ‘You better go to sleep little chiquita’ look while holding her in a firm snuggle position. She finally gave up at 11:55 as the meeting was ending. We hung out and held the babies so they would sleep longer until we really all had to leave. Blake got 30 minutes. Madison got 35 minutes.

I completely enjoyed seeing so many people I miss seeing all the time. We chatted and chatted whenever there was a spare moment! I even got to save someone! lol I will not say who, either. She had a dress issue I spotted before anyone else did so it got fixed right up (zipper not zipped). Well, I also got to hold poor Asher who had a blowout while Holly went to find some extra clothes in the car. He is a cutie! It always surprises people when I offer to take a second baby while holding one. The only thing hard to do is pick up a dropped toy when walking around with two babies. Asher definitely was not used to having someone lean over and expect him to get it himself. He looked at me like I was crazy. I didn’t want Madison to pick it up though because she is still just a little sick in case it is catchy.

Madison FINALLY fell asleep for her morning nap after about 20 minutes of fussing. She has only gone down not fussy maybe 5 times a month or less since she was born. Seriously! It doesn’t matter if she is cuddled or left in her crib either. Well, cuddling probably takes longer and she definitely doesn’t sleep as long.

Here are a few shots if you made it through my novel.
I didn’t realize the photos weren’t uploaded to Flikr yet, then I went to get my haircut and have been busy with the babies since getting home. These photos do not have much if any editing to them. So don’t think bad of me if they don’t look right… After this last set of clients photos I will have about a week of nothing but our own stuff to work on.

Madison hanging out enjoying the cold sun and wind while daddy washed the cars.
Babies 8 months 1374

A closer shot of Maddy.
Babies 8 months 1375

Blake loves the doorway jumper with a passion. He wants someone to sit right there next to him making faces with him while he jumps like a mad man.
Babies 8 months 1356

Blake scooted right up under her when it was her turn. She will jump a little.
Babies 8 months 1362

She had to have her foot on him whenever he way in reach.
Babies 8 months 1371

A cute smile from Madison and Blake trying to take a bite out of his monkey. They like the new stuffed animals, but they still love to sleep with their Aussie bears.
Babies 8 months 1360

These faces crack me up.
Babies 8 months 1367

Here is Guy in his ‘office’ yesterday.

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  1. Oh this post is making me oh, so excited to take my trio to church, come spring! LOL We have church at 1pm now but the babies sleep from 1-3 so I’m hoping they will fall asleep in the car and just stay asleep…we’ll see. However, that puts all 3 eating during Sacrament Meeting, hmmm. Maybe we’ll just be going to SM only for awhile. I hope you’re able to work out the kinks with your new time. Adjusting is hard enough for adults!

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