Old and new photos in the laundry basket

Today I found a couple friends of mine on Facebook from my first Ward as a member of my church. Ward is a congregation. They are brother and sister. Kurt was one of two people who were taller then me in the 7th grade, and he ended up being 6’6″ or close to it! The other one was a really freakishly tall girl instead of an early tall girl who petered out to just under 5’10”. Ha ha. Seeing Kurt’s photo totally reminded me of the right when I got my first car. My uncle Lance (the one who passed away from cancer) had gotten us a smokin deal on a Pontiac Sunbird. It was 4 door, medium blue with boxed paint (way beyond cracked), blue interior and a sunroof. I loved that car the year I had it. Anyway, one of the first nights I had it I picked up Kurt and we were headed to another friends house. It began to rain. It was not just any rain, but one of those Phoenix downpours that produce all the flash floods but are typically gone in under a half hour. All of a sudden I hear Kurt making surprised noises and look over to find what looks like a fountain pouring on his head from the sunroof! lol I still remember the look on his face.

Thanks Donna!!! If it wasn’t for your comment I wouldn’t have remembered the babies turned 7 months old today!!! Happy 7 month birthday Blake and Madison!!!

With Blake’s hair growing I am wondering how in the world his hair will get cut and styled. I know absolutely nothing about boy hairstyles and how they look prior to and after a haircut. This will probably be something Guy will need to take care of until I get the hang of it. It sounds so dumb to me to be so clueless!

Madison had a few little bunches of hair curl up off her head tonight. They had a bath this afternoon, and I left both of their hair towel/lotion messy. Hers stayed up a bit even after drying though. This is new. I seriously know it will be a few years before there is enough to style, but I’m still so stinkin excited to have a girl’s hair to play with.

I am plugging along at the scrapbook pages, but this has put me behind in finishing Madison’s crochet hat. Not that we leave the house much, but we are supposed to only have high temperatures in the low 50’s.

Here is a photo of the Madison and Blake at one week old. The basket worked perfectly to help combat Madison’s reflux issues. She doesn’t really chuck up at all anymore! (Maren – Hopefully Nate will be there very soon since he is two months behind her.)
Babies 1 wk 38

A close up of them in the basket.
Babies 1 wk 44

Here are the babies in the laundry basket a few days shy of 7 months.
Babies 6 months 558

Another full shot in the basket.
Babies 6 months 561

Showing off her butterfly earrings. I didn’t notice they were upside down at the time.
Babies 6 months 562

An Offer and a Gentlenibble. ha ha
Babies 6 months 566

What a thumb sucker! Neither baby is super serious about it though. They dabble in sucking their thumbs more then anything.
Babies 6 months 564

This is some serious cuteness!
Babies 6 months 568

The babies and I went to my friend Heidi’s Pampered Chef party. Yummy and soo much fun to hang out. Here is Heidi with the ever cutie Blake reaching up for her, Me, and Lisa with her dreamy Madison (she calls Madison ‘such a dreamy baby’). Us big girls have identical laughs on our face. Heidi got us going.
Babies 6 months 556

Here’s our normal smiles.
Babies 6 months 557

A photo of their new shoes.
Babies 6 months 545_1

You can see the kids in their new shoes here.
Babies 6 months 554

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