One Eleven is checking in with One Thirteen

Alright, I know there have been requests for me to post again so here it is.

Saturday morning 1:30am my beat partner One Thirteen (Rick) calls out over the radio on a traffic stop. I let dispatch know that one eleven (me) would be en route to check in . I arrive on scene to find rick and his rookie standing next to a work van talking to the passenger. I however was quite content sitting in my car watching and listening to the radio when rick motioned to me with his flashlight. I exited my vehicle and approached, as i passed him he was having the female passenger walk with him to his car, and he asked if i could watch the driver. My attention was immediately directed to the female who was wearing white leggings with a blue denim miniskirt. I immediately thought to myself oh my, the 80’s really are back.

So that being said i really had no idea what exactly Rick had but was sure that it was going to be some kind of prostitution bust. I stayed with the driver and immediately started to ask the “prostitution” questions. Some of you may wonder if we learn these in the academy. Truly the answer is no, we either learn them from “Cops”, or just use common sense. They are, whats your name, whats her name, how long have you known each other, where are you coming from…blaaa…blaaa…blaa.

Well i got to the what is her name part when i thought, oh no maybe i was way off, perhaps this guy is intoxicated. Why you ask, because he said her name was Christopher P_ _ _ _ _ _ (last name not used intentionally). I looked at him with a stunned look on my face, and asked him again for her name, again the same results. It was at that time i had one of those “Clear Eyes” moments. I glanced over at the female and noticed that she must have forgotten to shave this morning. Oh my!!! It was a Christopherina. Wowee. 2 in one month.

Which brings me to my other incident. I was dispatched to a Shoplifter in custody, at Walmart of all places, who would have guessed. The dispatcher said that they had a male in custody, and to read the notes. Now that is a clue that something just ain’t right. The notes read “Male in loss prevention office, wearing drag”. Now I’m not talking about the drag where you pull something behind you as you walk, i am talking the full on real deal. It was a SHIM. Lady parts upstairs and all (I did not perform a frisk or pat down to confirm the downstairs), however there was no doubt from the face that it was a man. Needless to say everyone, the lesson i have learned for the holidays is. Things are not always as they seem.

Happy Holidays