Our 365 shots from today

Well, guess who is up crying for no reason? Yep, Madison. She is definitely not a good teether.

My shot is a bit funny, but it was just snapped while putting some too small clothes away in the nursery.
365 Day 5 #3

Guy and his holey sock. I think this photo is too dark. It may not be apparent what it is without my explanation. My bad on the editing today.
365 Day 5 #1


  1. Poor Maddy! Well, poor you really, since you have to deal with the fallout! I like your goofy photo, but tell Guy that he is cheating!!

  2. awww, poor girl! i hope that whatever is on her mind eases soon! i am loving your self-portraits!

  3. I thought you were going to say you were up crying for no reason. I guess that’s just me!

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