Our baby is 15 months now

Oh wow, the time sure seems to be passing quickly with this kid!  We went to his 15 month checkup yesterday.  He weighed in at 33.5 pounds, is 35.25 inches tall and has a 50cm head.  This all puts him well above the charts per his normal {his head is just barely over}.

{Here’s Landon with his 2 yr old cousin who is on the big side}

On Sunday Guy and I both were thinking independently about Landon’s size.  We discovered out mutual thought tracks when we talked that evening.  Both of us are concerned he’ll be taller then 6’6″.  Wow, that would be so oversized for this world built around the 6′ and under crowd.  Monday morning the doctor asked if we have any concerns.  I jokingly said maybe him being tooo tall as an adult.  She said she feels like his end height will be more like 6′ 3″.  I mentioned that we do both have a family history of really tall people.  She said we’ll probably have a better idea of how big he’ll be when he turns two.   He is almost out of all his 2T shirts and shorts already.  I’m hoping they’ll last long enough to get us to cold weather.  We have a decent amount of 3T winter stuff for him.

{Here’s Landon with his cousin one week younger then he is who is also on the big side}

Unfortunately, there is a dismal lack of family records in our families as little ones.  Landon is much bigger then I was {Blake was in line with me and Madison bigger}.  My records were pretty decent up to age 2.  Guy was number 8 kiddo so no records on him.  No records for the other kids in Guy’s family.  My baby sister’s {6′ 2″} records burned with everything else in a house fire.  During our last visit my aunt got curious and looked up my cousins stats.  He was 34.75 inches and 28.5 pounds at 18 months old, and his adult height is 6’5″.  Landon is bigger then his 18 months at 14 months old.  My guess for Landon is still 6’6″ and hope he stops there!

{Landon and Blake shown in the same outfit}

How funny is it Landon has a bottle in his mouth in almost all of the above images!?!  Seriously, you’d think that is all he does.  Up until two weeks ago he did have 5 8-9 ounce bottles every 24 hours.  We have finally gotten him down to three as of this week!  Yay, us!!  His food consumption has gone way way up.  He eats something pretty much every 30 minutes he’s awake.  I’d say his total calorie intake with the milk exceeds that of the twins every 24 hours.

So enough about the whole size thing!

{Landon with his cousin Bradley}

Landon is a delight.

He is super busy and capable.

He is a crazy play guy so we can’t sit through our classes at church {3 months until he goes to nursery!}.

He can walk up and down steps without holding on, though most of the time he still holds on.

Landon can follow directions well.

He loves to clean up and be helpful.

He can throw a ball with force and accuracy.

He runs, walks backwards, and climbs.

Throws a mean fit.

Loves to make us laugh with his antics.

He can screw lids on and off, open doors, moves stools around the house to facilitate his explorations.

The boy LOVES to brush his teeth of which there are many {breaking the last four now before the 2 yr molars}.

He loves to talk and knows words like thank you, mama, dad, light, this, these, that and quite a few more.  Sometimes he’ll mimic some pretty complex 3-5 word statements.

He mostly sleeps through the night for about 9 hours and takes 2 naps during the day.

He still prefers to be outdoors over any other place.

He can swim around in the pool with his life vest swim suit.


Of course there is much more to this little guy.  These are just some snapshot bits of what he’s up to at the moment.  The twins love their brother as much as he loves them.

{Gotta throw in a twin shot}

Love this image of the three kids with Nanny and Poppy {Guy’s parents}!!