Our Blakey who is loving to walk!!

He isn’t very good at it yet, but he is walking! Last night and today he decided to start taking the plunge. He has let go and walked a few steps a couple times every hour. We are all getting plenty of practice clapping with Madison as his biggest supporter! Go Blake!

Here are some fun things from Saturday’s Easter egg hunt outing. A local church sponsered an event for the officers and firefighters families who work in Garner. How fun! Due to naps and moving a car seat Allison and I were a bit late getting there. Did you know 5 minutes in an egg hunt means it is all over? LOL Luckily they had some eggs they didn’t put out so we got our very own stash of eggies to pick up.

As we rolled up Rick was there to greet the babies first.
Babies 11 months 1583

We put them down by the eggs scattered about them. They sat there. And sat there. And sat there. So we started giving them some. Madison wasn’t really impressed.
Babies 11 months 1597

Blake and Guy started to walk some where Blake spotted an egg.
Babies 11 months 1586

Madison started to play with the pile in front of her.
Babies 11 months 1595

Blake started to play with his and his bag.
Babies 11 months 1607

Then we noticed the lady bug on his knee.
Babies 11 months 1609

Here is Allison and Anderson who came along with us.
Babies 11 months 1604

Rick’s son Nicholas had a great time entertaining the kids.
Babies 11 months 1614

Babies 11 months 1647

Nolan was off doing his own thing.
Babies 11 months 1631

Here’s his family. Steve, Kyle & Erin.
Babies 11 months 1629

Rick, Madison & Nicholas checked out the fire truck.
Babies 11 months 1624

I thought this would be a good spot to take a photo of Madison. She didn’t. Being carried around by Rick was much more fun.
Babies 11 months 1626

My cute boys!
Babies 11 months 1618

Guy took some shots of Rich and Anderson. They all came out great! He is a great photog.
Babies 11 months 1641

Allison and Rich watching Anderson with his goodies.
Babies 11 months 1617

I saw this cool blue door on the side of a shed.
Babies 11 months 1656

Nicholas and the babies.
Babies 11 months 1658

Then Anderson came over to check them out.
Babies 11 months 1659

Then Madison melted.
Babies 11 months 1660

She un-melted for this shot.
Babies 11 months 1662

What is this face? lol
Babies 11 months 1673

The babe’s with Anderson who is 18 months old.
Babies 11 months 1686

Is Blake seriously the most expressive child?
Babies 11 months 1687

Babies 11 months 1688

Babies 11 months 1689

Blake and Madison. Happy Easter!
Babies 11 months 1693

A shot of just Maddy
Babies 11 months 1700

Blake going in for a cuddle with the grass.
Babies 11 months 1712

Allison nabbed a shot of Madison and I.
Babies 11 months 1715

I think that’s more then enough photos for now. Tomorrow I’ll put more on. Make sure to check the photography blog. I have 3-4 shoots I’m going to share with you.

Ever since Saturday things that were planned to happen did not happen and things that were not planned did. We didn’t even plan on going to the officers egg hunt because there was one right by my house. Well, Friday afternoon I checked the email from my friend which said it was Friday morning. Duh! I didn’t plan on retaking the tub shots, but was able to. I was supposed to go visiting teaching on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both were not fully set up or canceled. Monday was a funky day so I ended up missing my softball game because it wouldn’t have been very nice to guy to leave him with the kids on a bad day. Then my softball game was canceled on Tuesday due to rain. We ended up shopping in Smithfield after showing up at the church for a meeting that was obviously not at the church. We pulled out the GPS to find our way to a Freecycle pick up only to find the motorized adjustment had crushed the touch screen. We ordered a new one of those. Wednesday we ended up getting a call from a friend asking for a ride to pick up their car from the shop. Then another person he had called first left a message for him saying he was on his way. But then he asked us to come over. So we ended up going over there to play games and hang out in the evening. We played one round of Guitar Hero (can we say I super duper suck at it!?!?) and one round of Catch Phrase when the missionaries stopped by. After a nice visit we got home and put the babies to bed. There are actually more examples of all the unexpected changes this week many of which helped drain our checking account. It’s been a crazy week.


  1. Wow! All of your photos are like a planned photo shoot! Great job! I love the pictures in front of the red barn/shed with the blue door. What a great place for photos!

  2. It’s nice to see one of you and Maddy – you’re so often stuck behind the camera, there aren’t enough of YOU and the kids! I really like the one of just ‘you girls’. I didn’t take Jenny to any egg-hunt type thing because I figured she wouldn’t do much. I can’t believe Blake is getting ready to walk, how exciting! So many more bumps and bruises in his future :-).

    Here’s the site where I catch up on my gossip, http://www.radaronline.com/. You’ll see what I mean about Octo-Mom.
    Have a great weekend!

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