Our house is under contract!

We signed the paperwork last night to put our house under contract! The closing date is set for 4/17/08. The buyers have also let us know we can change the date a little one way or another if we need to because of the babies. We were also considering renting, but we have been unable to find a cheap enough rental that would suit our needs. The home we are putting in an offer on is in a good location and is the least amount of compromise for the least amount of money. Here is a link to it. Look at the last house on the list. The address is 200 Webfoot. http://trianglelistings.marketlinx.com/SearchDetail/Scripts/PrtBuyFul/PrtBuyFul.asp?prp=mls&AgentId=R6508&EmailKey=24492419

This next link is to our current home we are selling in case you missed it previously. http://trianglelistings.marketlinx.com/SearchDetail/Scripts/PrtBuyFul/PrtBuyFul.asp?prp=mls&AgentId=R6508&EmailKey=23805525

I’ve decided to map out the new house if we get it with the placement of the furniture from bathroomsandmorestore.co.uk and boxes. This way if we suddenly have the babies at the most inopportune time we will be able to have clear directions for whoever moves us in. And I won’t be worried about having to move everything again when we get there. It also depends on when they come and if I have to have a cesarean section how long I will be in the hospital.

Guy is super stressed out about the logistics of everything. Also, how we are going to get the whole house packed up with me having contractions every time I over do it. And everything seems to be over doing it still. Yesterday I walked to our neighbors house across the cul-d-sac to chat (even took a light chair to sit in). By the time I was almost back to the front door I was really in pain through my pelvic area to where it made me walk slow. But I walk as much as possible to get the stretching and exercise in. I’m thinking there are about 150 boxes of stuff in our house right now. If we pack 5 boxes a day then it should be not so overwhelming or difficult.

The babies haven’t really showed much interest in music. It may be because normally I only listen to music while driving which only hardens my tummy. At church on Sunday the babies went crazy during the songs. My belly was hoppin they were moving so much. A friend of mine who is always trying to feel the babies move and hasn’t was also able to feel them move on Sunday. I’m sure the reason she hadn’t before is because she always tries when I am standing which is when my belly is rock hard. They are getting to be quite vigorous in their movements now which is pretty cool. Oh, it hurts sometimes, but it’s still cool!

Today we are going to take our tour of the hospital. On Friday night a friend of mine who is a Douala came over to our house to do a birthing class with us. She did a great job. It was really cute when she let us know she was sooooo excited to get back into it that she ordered a pelvis and a smaller pelvis that comes with a baby to show how the hips flex and how the baby comes Through. We talked about positions to help with the labor prior to getting an epidural and for pain relief now. Not that I think anything will help with the pelvic pain at this point. We’ll do another one in two weeks. At the next one we’ll talk more about the interventions and how Guy can be my advocate and ask the right questions to really know the risk of any intervention. We’ll also talk about confronting any fears we have regarding the birth and breastfeeding. This also brings up that I still haven’t picked a pediatrician. Sheesh. There is so much to do before and after these babies come.

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  1. That’s so exciting! Congrats! Does this mean you’ll get to stay home with the kiddos once they arrive?

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