Our ‘Model’ children

Over the summer our twins were models for a photographers workshop with photographer, Jean Smith, called He Said, She Said.

We borrowed some super stylin clothes for Blake from my friend, Nicole, of Nicole Faby Photography.  She dresses her kids in awesome ways, and we needed help.  We most often have hand me down and super sale clothes so didn’t have much of a selection for the boy.  Girls are so much easier to shop used for, and we always get great stuff for Maddie.   Guy and I are maxing out the time we can use these kinds of clothes before they all really have strong opinions.  Right now they still let me steer them in their choices.  Our usual way of picking clothes is to add clean clothes at the edges and pick clothes to wear from the middle.  Each kid’s clothes are also divided into sections to make choosing items easy.  The color song at school kicks my butt though {they sing it most days too!!}.  Madison always wants to pick out clothes that have the most colors in them skipping lots of great outfit choices.  Grrrr.  Blake’s favorite colors to wear are orange, yellow and red followed closely by blue.  He loves bright vivid colors the most.

Side note over.  Let’s get to these images from their 30 minute modeling session with Jean.

These guys were giggling within moments of starting.  

I love love images of my kids with big goofy grins and playing.  

This is so them!


He is happiest when he’s being silly.

BUT, the serious face is one I super love.  This is the same face he gave me this morning after he crawled in my bed, laid next to me and said, “I love you, mom!  You make me happy.”  He makes me happy too!

My ‘la la land’ girl who is completely enthralled with all things sand.  Her dream is to have a huge sandbox she can play in every day.  She just might end up living on the beach someday.

Cheeky Cheeky.

Still playing in the sand, but with a little flirty ‘try and get me to look at you’ play.

Super cute.

She’s busy talking about her ‘paint nails’ and you can see how she’s holding her hands like they are still drying.

Little miss shy and moody.  Love this because it is sooo her.  

The road being blocked off for the car show gave Jean the perfect opportunity to take these next few shots.  

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this smile before.  He was totally in love with Jean and even talked about her that night before bed.  She has three boys of her own and definitely appeals to boys!! 

A fun urban spot showing how little my big kids really are.  

Both kids loved the glitter to pieces!  Those books still have gold glitter stuck to them!  Every time Maddie puts them on she relives her glitter photo shoot.

She’s just about to blow the glitter…

I love it all floating in the air and her excited face.

“Oh, its studt to my hand!!”  She said this followed by her silly laugh.

Blake was over on the side having just as much fun as if he was the one doing it!  Twins are so interesting to watch.  Their relationship is unlike any other.

The glitter pile is a great place to end.