Our state fair trip part 1

Ahhhhh, I couldn’t get my pictures to load into my blogging program for two full days!  Uhmm, it turns out Flash partially quit working on me, but I didn’t notice since it was a partial quit.  I hadn’t turned off the computer for days so a reboot this morning did the trick!  Now I can finally share our trip to the state fair.  It’s broken into three posts since there are so many images.

We walked into the fair to be greeted by Bubba’s show just starting.

They watched for a few minutes and laughed a few times.  None of us were super into it so we decided to motor on.  The kids wanted to walk so we got them out of the stroller.

I was snapping a couple images when I hear Blake loudly telling Bubba goodbye.   It was so loud it got his attention.  He stopped the show to tell our Blake bye back!  lol  That’s our kid.

We got a sheet of ride tickets through the Town of Garner at the government group buy rate.  It was enough for the kids to go on 4 rides by themselves or two with us.  We wanted them to get more enjoyment so told them to go by themselves.  Madison saw the jungle gym trailer set up fun house style.  Guy handed her three tickets and she immediately climbed the six feet of ladder and steps to hand over her tickets to the man.  Blake started up and paused as soon as he realized neither Guy or I were following.   This is him telling us we need to go too.

After finally convincing him to go he stopped just after or before each obstacle and whined for us.  We kept encouraging him to catch up to Maddie while trying to get her to wait up for him.

She really thought it was the funnest thing ever.

Still only half way through and there is a hint of fun along with concern here.

The rope ladder was the toughest challenge for them since it kind of caved in so they were leaning back while climbing towards the top.  A cute bigger kid was just behind them and helped by giving Blake’s booty a boost.

Madison never looked back or over at us while she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Another panicky moment for Blake as he headed up to the very top for the grand finale of the slide.

She even gave herself a giant push off to go down this slide faster!

One of the ride attendants helped Blake though I’m sure he would have done this part all on his own seeing me at the bottom and being very familiar with slides.  He’s finally smiling!

Here comes my kiddos.

I really think she is going to love rides and amusement parks as much as I do!  We went to Disneyland once a year when I was a kid.  I’ll never get tired of it.  We always went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride first.  And you know what?  Guy’s family does the same thing.  He and his family were really the perfect family for me to marry into!!

Ummm, Houston….

Someone is really excited to run into his sister not getting off fast enough!

“Hey, I just hit Maddy!”

We let them go on one more ride right away.  Both of them saw the kiddy coaster going round and wanted to go on.  Here Blake is handing over his own tickets.  Madison is already climbing into her car.  I asked the Guy if they could ride together as Guy was going up to help Blake get in.

Guy didn’t hear me ask the Guy or him say yes.  Blake walked to his own car thinking Guy was getting in with him.  He’s just realized here he is on his own.

Happy girl and teary boy who isn’t asking to get out.  The operator asked Guy if it was OK to start it, and he said go for it.

It started with a bit of a jerk which I caught perfect!

This is basically how the whole ride went.  Huge smile from Madison and a cry from Blake.

She even checked on him a few times with her enormous smile.  I still think he would have been fine if he was riding with her.

There’s one other kid not quite enjoying herself here.

Oh, this is both so funny and so sad.

Those eyes are pleading with Guy to come get him.

Being with toddlers it is a must to visit the bathroom at least once during our few hour stay there.  Madison has found out she loves hand dryers.

My little big girl.

Part 2 next….