Our trip is fast coming to an end

Just a few days ago it seemed like we were just hitting the middle of the trip which seemed like it was so nice and long. Now we are leaving tomorrow already! Such is life when one is enjoying themselves.

We went to the store for a few things on Wednesday (I think we have been to Wal-Mart at least once a day since arriving ๐Ÿ™‚ with Mum’s debit card. At Albertson’s we had the clerk help us by putting in a phone number to give us the extra savings. Well, this particular debit/credit machine asked for her zip code before running the card as a credit. So what did I do?… I asked him what the zip code was for Lehi. He hollered over to someone at the customer service counter. The two girls talked for a minute. They hollered back the zip code which we entered into the machine. Does anyone find that horrifying and amusing?!?! People who use their own credit cards should know their own zip code. HELLO!! lol Luckily we were not trying to fraudulently use Mum’s card.

The really cool thing about being up to date on the blog is I’m now able to put in amusing stories like the above instead of just a general overview of the recent events.

Update on the acid reflux/chuck up queen. Madison seems to be taking well to the new formula with no lactose in it. She also seems to respond alright to Gripe Water. Gripe Water is a cool British treatment for gas and a fussy baby. It is an herbal water. Melia picked some up for us from the British store. She still chucks up a lot, but not at every feeding and not quite as much.

Yesterday we had a large family gathering at Jamie’s house since almost everyone (except him) had the day off for Pioneer Day. We really accidentally timed our trip very well. The BBQ was a lot of fun and a great time to visit with the family. Marci was a super stud and took care of one baby or another the entire time they were there. Guy and I got to eat right away. We had to leave before playing with fireworks though as we had only taken one feedings worth of bottles with us. I’m pretty sure Guy planned that. Tee hee.

For an update on breastfeeding. We have been feeding them by boob and then bottle at every feeding.


  1. Boob and bottle? LOL That sounds like the name of a funny pg-c book. LOL

    (By the way, this is TexasLisa. I am posting with my weight loss sign in.)

  2. “Guy and I got to eat right away”… I understand. This is a huge accomplishment! Glad you guys are having fun!

  3. That’s Utah for ya’. So trusting. ๐Ÿ˜› Glad it’s been a fun trip. Can’t wait to see the pics!

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