Our trip was great! – Some two year images

My friend just got a studio set up, and she was gracious enough to let me come take the kids two year images there!  I acted just like so many other parents and got all huffy about the kids misbehavior.  Well, they gave me awesome shots with all their antics & lasted a full two hours with no real snacks right before bedtime.  They really are good kids.

Here are a couple tonight.  This series is the first set of shots we took.  Blake decided to be a little stinker and Madison was trying to be helpful.  I LOVE the result even though I thought we were doomed to a terrible session when they were doing it.  Blake is wearing an Australian Rules Football jumper & scarf from Guy’s favorite team.  Madison has on a new petit skirt & a funny shirt.  I wanted them to look like they do all the time & not all perfectly put together.
{I’m not super thrilled with my edits as I think the background should be whiter, but I really don’t feel like redoing it right now}
Us Apr10_1447.jpg

Us Apr10_1449.jpg

Us Apr10_1450.jpg

Us Apr10_1451.jpg

Us Apr10_1452.jpg