Personal photo day approaches

I’m so excited to get the cruise pictures done tomorrow & start sharing out story!   I have loads of work to do with six sessions to finish or start processing & am definitely excited to get to our personal stuff tomorrow.

Wooo Hooo!

Blake got his staples out yesterday.  I told him in the morning he would be getting them out and it would hurt, but not for long.  When we were called back into the doctors office he was the first one following her until it came time to walk in the room.  It was definitely a procedure room that must have reminded him of the cruise ship’s medical facility.  He started backing right out.  We had him come back in and explained he would be getting his staples out which would hurt.  He tearfully & bravely put up with getting him on the table.  When the first one came out he cried because of the pain.  She said he was doing a good job, to which he said it right back to her with his teary voice & a tear coming out of his eye.  He put up with the three staples coming out.  She had him wait a couple minutes {getting a cuddle from daddy}, and then had him look up to take a look at the site under his chin.  As soon as that was done he basked in the praise dished out & happily went to the sticker drawer down the hall.  He really did an awesome job.

Time for bed!