Photos from our latest visitors visit

Just like our last visitors these ones bugged out early. Do we stink? lol Both of the last visitors had very good reasons to leave us early. While we were sad to see them leave a day early it certainly made sense. They were flying out of Charlotte and wanted to minimize the total time the girls traveled in one day. I’m sure it will also be a lot easier on mom & dad too!

Ashy & I decided to put the ribbon and name tag that was wrapped around his newest onsie on him… It was so cute. No one else got quite the kick out of it the two of us did. Madison also got a new onsie too. I tell you what, though. The cookies that came along with the two onsies were fantastic! And anyone who really knows me knows I don’t like many cookies. Guy & I ate them the same night (Saturday night). Back to our visitors…

Katie, Blake, Ashy & Jax. Proud daddy, Steve, showed us video of the girls doing their tumbling, dance and cheer shows. We also were taken out to dinner and made popcorn back at the house.

Jax and Madison


  1. Yay! I’m glad you liked the cookies! And the headband is totally cute!

    As for the formula, we gave up on the soy and good start because his constipation never let up. We bit the bullet and went back to nutramigen last night. It’s been a good day (despite the smell!) Let me know if you take Madison off it and we’ll buy what you have off of you!

    Thanks again for the pictures. Andrew was SO impressed!

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