Photos from our trip to DC

We made it through the trip to DC. Dad was really feeling ill with a ton of congestion the entire time. We mostly did drive by lookie Lou’s at most of the sites. The only places we got out were the Washington temple and the Botanical garden. The hotel we stayed at was very nice. They had a continental breakfast with a omelet bar. Very tasty, and it saved us a lot of money on breakfasts. Not to mention it was much easier to have a handy breakfast when caring for the babies. Both babies slept well while we were there too. I think it helped for us to divide and conquer the kids at night. Unfortunately for Guy he had the fussy baby two nights in a row. But after the last week of little sleep it was very nice for me to have about 7 hours (interrupted of course) two nights in a row.

Guy read the other day that the kids are supposed to sleep about 14 hours a day still! Well, they haven’t even been close to that. Right now Madison is sleeping instead of eating her lunch which is fine with me. She’s a bit tubby now a days anyway. LOL They are both almost completely done with the 0-3 month old clothes. I weighed them on the bathroom scale yesterday. Blake was 11.4 pounds and Madison was 12.6 pounds. She is now almost double her birth weight. Blake is closing the gap on their weight differences.

I’m holding Madison in the next two shots.

Blake is being held by Guy with Dad in the background.

Mum and Dad in front of the Washington DC temple. It is very beautiful. Guy rode around the parking lot trying to keep the kiddos satisfied. They still woke up and we fed them in the parking lot. I will never drive with them not buckled into their car seats properly. Accidents can happen anywhere and that is a risk not to be taken.

Here we are in front of the temple. I have Blake and Guy has Madison.

Dad and Mum at the botanical gardens. Mum has the coolest hat. It comes apart to make a fan and folds up like a folding fan. Talk about convenient and easy to pack!

Guy and Blake. Guy wasn’t aware there was a way to tighten the head support to keep him from this position. However, we are all glad he made this particular error as we all got a good giggle out of how funny Blake looked.