Photos from the doctors apointment

These photos are all out of order, but I don’t have time to fix them.
Madison getting measured for length fighting as hard as she can.

Mad Mady on the left and Chill Blake on the right.

Holding Madison while waiting for the doc.

Showing off the chuck up all the way down my shirt and skirt from out darling Madison.

Blake getting measured.

Both of them on the table again.

Doing the exact same arm movement. Typical of them both.

Madison getting weighed.

Madison waiting around.

Blake checking himself out.

Blake getting weighed.
There’s a short little peak into our doctors visit. There were no shots during the shots or after as we were both needed to hold and calm a baby. Both only cried for about a minute after the shots were given. OK here’s my beef with baby shots. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I have gotten shots the ones administered slowly don’t hurt. The ones pushed fast into my body always hurt badly and develop a knot. Why in the world would they give every shot at the speed of a freight train. Do they really think they are ‘sparing’ these precious little ones pain. I think they make it worse. Next time I’m going to ask them to give the shot slowly. I would be happy to hold their legs down or whatever is needed.


  1. I am so jealous of your pictures! Even at the Dr.’s office, they are just plain AWESOME!

  2. Totally with you on the shots while they are babies- but when they get a little older you’ll see why they learn to do it fast! The last time Ethan got shots she made it through 3 of the 5 before he really went bolistic and wasn’t having ANYMORE OF IT!- she finally got the last two in but it was a battle– it seems the faster they get them done the faster the kids can breathe and calm down! — maybe if they learned that they don’t hurt that bad when they were babies (cause the nurses went slowly…) then they would react that way when they are adults!
    By the way I love the blobs strategically placed in your naked baby pics!!!

  3. Thanks Valerie!

    Aleesha you make two very good points! Have a nice visit with Shannon this week. Your mom & dad look good. I saw them at the church activity today.

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