Photos of Blake & I

Blake was not forgotten! It just took so long to load the pictures with Mady that I put these off for another day.

Today I got a book about baby signs for feeding. Blake doesn’t seem to need it as he speaks quite well for a 4 month old. He calls Um Mum when he wants me. He says Hi when he wants someones attention other then me or when he first starts talking to someone. He says Ungy sometimes when he wants to eat. He also says I Lub U to us whenever he feels like it and is happy. We think it is pretty amazing!!! Madison is starting to say Ungy too the last two days sometimes when she wants to each. Mady is still not ‘talking’ that much since Blake is such a chatter box. She has a deeper voice and laugh. He has a higher pitched voice, normal pitched laugh and he is a squealer.

Blake is almost ready to roll over. The last two days he has been sleeping mostly on his side, except for his bottom with the big cloth diaper keeping him down.

Blake in his new sunglasses.

Another shot in the sunnies.

He is sooooooo cute!

I love shots with some color but haven’t been doing it much for our personal photos.

Blake normally has a good grip on my hair. He especially loves to mess it all up when my hair is in a pony tail. He grabs the hair at my temples to pull it out of the pony tail.

Blake loves to stand for long periods of time.

This is how we play at least once a day by talking (squealing) and laughing.

He loves kisses.

And to chew on anything and anyone in his mouths path.

Cuddling with my darling boy. His Nanny really misses cuddling with Blake in the mornings.

Me with a funny face and cutie Blake.

Blake’s general hand in mouth pose used about 1/2 of every waking part of his day.

Both Blake and Madison are now loving to be lifted in the air. They are almost strong enough to toss up a little. There is a mirror over one of our couches. They are both starting to laugh at themselves when lifted like this so they look at themselves in the mirror. Both kids also usually have socks on as they have my cold feet and hands.

For anyone who has been asked by me to stand there and hold up their kid forever while I take photos… Yes, I’ve always known how tired you get holding them and how you really can do it. Persevere for the cutest photos!!!! You can do it. This is probably one of my favorite Blake faces.

We are smiling at each other.


  1. They are not babies anymore, they are getting so grown up.. It’s happening too fast.. Stay safe, hopefully the storms are not heading your way..

  2. What Lovely pictures 🙂 someone is a great photographer! I love the one where just the denim was colored in 🙂 Those are always my favorites
    Can’t wait to see you guys!

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