Photos of Madison and I

Here are some photos Guy took of us.

The kids both got some great new sunglasses that strap around their heads! I love them and neither of them seems to mind them.

Mady is such a cutie. She actually has her head lifted so she has a neck in this photo.

Us on the front porch.

This is her look that says she loves her daddy!

Here is where she started to get fussy and I’m ‘shushing her’.

A big yawn.

I was going for the sweet kiss on the forehead. She was going for the great nibble of mommy’s knuckle.

I really like this shot.

Here we are having a moment on the breezeway porch.

Here is one of Blake asleep on his daddy.

Madison doing her normal tongue out as is her normal now a days.

And her fingers are always a great thing to lick and nibble on.

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