Photos with Mum & Dad

Here we all are on the front porch with Moose. We almost didn’t go onto the porch for these shots and I’m so happy we did. They look great. Everyone looks good and the lighting is perfect. A nice thunderstorm was threatening to come in so there was a great cloud cover.

It is hard to choose a favorite shot, but I think this one is mine.
Dad and Blake

Dad was holding them while we were getting set up and switching kids individual shots.

Mum loves the photos with Moose in them. Moose loves his Nanny lots and lots. If we counted all the ‘pet’ grandchildren they would have way more then the 13 they now have! lol

This is my second favorite shot of the kids with their Nanny & Poppy.

Both kids are smiling! Right on.
We are looking forward to the baby blessings coming up on July 20th when we travel to Utah. Dad is going to bless Blake and Guy will bless Madison. Melia said she has a couple of blessing outfits for us to borrow that her kids used. I was just going to dress them in white onesies because I don’t want to spend money (or have anyone else) on something they only will use once. That’s the tightwad in me speaking. I mean, come on, this is the same person who found a way to wear her wedding dress 4 times!