Poor Moose

We had some drama I forgot to write about. On Sunday Guy was washing Moose (see photo at left). He decided to trim up some of the hair around his collar which gets matted and tangled. Guy was using the scisors to trim his hair when he missed and fileted Moose open at the neck. The cut never bled and Moose didn’t show any signs of pain after the first yelp. We had our neighbor, the vet, look at him. She said we could wait until the next day to avoid the steep emergency bills. She also gave us a pain pill in case he just wasn’t showing any pain. Guy also put a ton of antibotic on the wound a couple of times. The next morning the vet got him right in and he now has about 7 staples up a completely hairless side of his neck. They said he did wonderfully and just chilled out looking for love while waiting for us. Guy said he was busy saying goodbye to all of the other pets when they left to come home. He doesn’t hold any resentment towards Guy and is still our happy loving pet.
Last night we were run out of the house for a last minute showing. Hopefully they love it. Today there is someone scheduled to come for a 2nd showing. We have had a lot more activity then we thought we would. Lovely! All it will take is the right buyer at the right time.
In pregnancy news. Today sucks! We had a massive T-storm come thru last night that rattled the house on and off for about an hour. I was looking out the window and it was fierce at times. There was this huge green flash almost like a giant solid rainbow that swelled up from the ground then the power went out for about an hour. But thru last night I woke up at least 4 times with a painful contraction. This does normally happen 1-2 times a night whenever I have to pee. This morning my whole tummy hurt and I’ve had mostly non painful contractions all day whenever I walk, stand for more then 3 minutes and have to use the potty. Usually this doesn’t happen until afternoon so it just sucks to be having so many. On the up side it seems that the babies may both be head down right now! The belly is definitely more out front with a lot less spread out to the sides. YEAH! My thinking is that they will get stuck in position soon so we need to keep them head down until they do. This way we can try for a vaginal delivery to hopefully avoid surgery.