Post Surgery Image Dump

I have very limited time in front of the computer at the moment as I am recovering from my successful tailbone surgery.  It went really well.  I was able to come home the same day to the comforts of my own home and bed.  Guy had to work at the movie theater that night so my dear friend Denise came over to help as well.  This way my mom didn’t become too taxed with all four of us needing things.  I managed to sit lounged on my side/hip that night which was WAY better then I had expected.  Sitting lounged on my hip is definitely what I would consider sitting, and the doctor and other experiences I read all indicated it would be at least two weeks before I could sit.  YAY for good fast healing!   Sitting on my side is one of the ways I managed my sore tailbone for the last eight years so it isn’t a new experience for me.  The difference is how long it is currently taking me to get up and to change positions which is quite a bit of effort and time.  🙂  The ibuprofen helps a lot with pain management.  As usual, I didn’t take any narcotics other then what the anesthesia given to me during surgery.

So now onto the image dump.  Here are some images from April.  I’ll post some from the last week of April next time.  Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Shannon, I NEVER ever EVER get tired of looking at your pictures 🙂 Your family is so beautiful anyway, but the stories you tell in pictures always make me smile and I can’t help but look at EVERY single one 🙂

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