Potty! Who needs to go potty?

Madison and Blake need to go potty! lol We used to give their bottoms air time a lot more then we recently have. It seems like every time lately they get a little air time they pee or as in the case of Saturday poo. Ughhh. Both of them have diaper rashes at the moment too because of all the disposable diapers they have been in the last month or so. I can’t get them to go away without some good air time. How do we solve this problem? Well, we aquired a stand alone potty seat and a toilet potty seat (both Freecycle items, of course!). So Guy, it’s always Guy who comes up with the best ideas, puts them each on a seat to accomplish some air time and catch anything they leave behind. Behind being the operative word. They are way too young to potty train, but it sure will not hurt to be comfy on the potty when the time comes. And maybe we’ll get lucky with early potty trained kids. Sure. Right. But it would be cool!

they are so stinkin cute
Babies 10 months 1515

He is not pooing, but telling us he is done with the toilet time.
Babies 10 months 1516

And I even got Guy in a photo! This is about all he lets me get of him. I love this booty shot of the kids. It was even only one shot. Probalbly because Guy was a bit worried about being peed on. Do you know which booty belongs to the right baby? Leave a comment with your guess. I’ll let you know later.
Babies 10 months 1517

The weather has been so awesome the last three days. Saturday I had a photo shoot with the Edmond family. It felt like it was so much hotter then high 70’s. In July I’ll be wanting a cardigan if it is in the 70’s. But before my body gets acclimated to the warmer temps it always feels hot on the first warm days. I happened to mention how hot it felt to Ryan. He thought it was cool since he just returned home from his two year mission the Philippines. lol It does all depend on perspective.

Off to take the kids outside to play again.


  1. I am going to say the booty on the right is Madison and the booty on the left is Blake.
    That first picture is priceless- You need to find some contest to enter it into

  2. i adore these pictures, they are so cute! i have no idea who’s is who’s…madison on the left + blake on the right?

  3. I say dimple booty is Blake and the other cute but is Madison!

    Definately cute potty pics too.

  4. Smart idea with the potty practice! The kiddos are adorable as usual. Glad your trip went well, minus the minor boo boo of course.

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