Tonight was my 3rd night of shots. It’s already seeming to fly by, but then we aren’t at the two week wait to test yet either. Once we get there it will most likely be a different story. Guy and I will work on being ‘friendly’ with each other. I was thinking about the whole making an appointment basically. Most people say that it isn’t a great experience when you have to make baby making an appointment. Really, what is a Honeymoon or Friday night date if not an appointment? People make appointments to get intimate all the time. My next appointment is on Wednesday for an u/s and bloodwork. The u/s will be to look at my ovaries to see what the stimulation drugs are doing to help the follicles develop maturing the eggs. We’re hoping to see about 4 good sized ones that will make it to a mature state when we trigger ovulation {another shot for me}. With Blake & Madison we estimate there were 4 mature eggs released. Each egg has about a 20% chance of success which is why we are hoping for 4 to get one baby.

Our cute Blake on his tricycle for the first time Christmas morning.
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