Rambles about pregnancy and babies

I’m just getting around to finishing this post today 3/21/08. Ooops…

The babies should each gain 2 lbs in the next 3-4 weeks. So if they were 3 5 oz and 3 9 oz two weeks ago then they will be about 6 pounds each by week 34. I’m week 31 as of yesterday. And if they gain a little faster then a little over 6 pounds. WOW!

I can’t bend over anymore to brush my teeth or do something quickly at my computer (have to sit down). And I can only do one sock and shoe every 5 minutes and have to wait another 5 minutes to each and cannot eat before trying that. lol

I’ve got about 5 starter stretch marks right now. Only about 1/4 to 1/2 inch each.
My belly is only measuring 46″ around.

My mom just sent me her itinerary for visiting us after the babies are here. She planned it perfectly. If they are born early they will surely be in the hospital until 36-38 weeks gestational age. If we get induced at 38 weeks then we should be home from the hospital by the time she gets here anyway. That way she will have loads of good quality time with us and the babies not in a sterile hospital setting.