Random bits

Quotes are amazing!  Sometimes they make us think or laugh or cry or roll our eyes or have a major epiphany.

My favorite quote to live by is:

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

A quote I grew up reading on our wall and wish it was more ingrained in me:

Be careful of the words you say

From day to day

Keep them soft and sweet

You never know which ones

You’ll have to eat

Today I saw a quote on Pinterest {follow me HERE} that really moved me:

I value my work,

but it doesn’t define me.

When I work, I do excellent work,

but when I am home,

I’m immersed there.

  – by Rebecca Diaz-Bonilla

Wow, that is my deepest desire to accomplish in life right now.  I’m trying to do my best with scheduling as people call me to book their family, maternity, newborn, senior & wedding sessions.  If I book at a certain pace, I can manage my work and be an integral part of my family really living!  If I book with a certain pace and additional weeks of overload, my life doesn’t settle for months.  As of now the next 4 months is booked at the perfect pace, I think.  So excited to see how this all goes!!!!

Also today, I put a status update on Facebook that quite a few people hit the Like button on and some commented.  Well, here is the comment again along with an image….  lol

One of these days my cooked veggie dishes will be tasty to my kids. Todays very yummy zucchini cakes with a cool dill yogurt sauce was gagged and dry heaved back onto the plate! People pay good money for this stuff in restaurants!!! Seriously kids, you WILL love this stuff someday.  Until then I will keep plugging away as the ONLY person in my family who will eat cooked veggies {the ones that need to be cooked} and make them try everything every time it is in front of them.