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So I don’t know about you guys who blog, but I often go through my days composing these fabulous blog posts in my head. Where are they you ask? Who knows. They leave my mind well before I get time to sit down at the computer. I can’t even remember the topics I want to talk about! lol In an effort to become a good writer I’m going to start participating in a writing workshop blog I follow. She gives several writing prompts every time she posts inviting us to pick one or all to write a post on our own blogs. I picked ‘Would you rather age well physically or mentally?’

Good question. The vain part of me would love to look decent until I pass, but if my quality of life sucks then it doesn’t matter. Definitely mentally. One of my favorite quotes is ‘If you don’t use it you lose it.’ I’m a firm believer in continued learning, reading and brain exercises. I probably spend at least 7-8 hours a week learning more about photography plus additional time finding out about other topics that interest me. I’m not sure why people say having kids turns their brains to mush. Being hurried and distracted isn’t helpful, of course, but trying to outsmart these kids is hard work! I’m constantly trying to figure out how to entertain them, teach them, work a schedule & show them love. One thing I figured out with Madison is to say ‘Yummy’ whenever she puts something new in her mouth. If I don’t say it she will spit it out for sure. If I do say it she will most likely keep it in her mouth for a longer taste. It also seems like the more I learn about things the easier life gets. My plan is definitely to keep using the old noggin in an effort to stay (ehm, get) mentally sharp until the very end of this life.

Laser eye surgery went very well. When the numbing drops wore off it was just about impossible to keep my eyes open so I just opted out and went to bed at 7:45. At 1 am it was a different story. My eyes only felt dry and sand papery, but I was wide awake! I went back to bed at 5am for a few hours. Since then the scratchy irritation gets less and less each hour. My vision is pretty good. I’ll be okay if it doesn’t improve beyond the 20/25 it was yesterday, but I hope it gets better!

My hair is finally back to normal. September 2007 we had just found out we were pregnant and arrived in Australia for vacation. I had horrible pain on the plane ride followed by bleeding and nausea. My mind was definitely not on the hair I was trying to flat iron. It completely slipped my mind to turn down the power on the flat iron because of the increased electrical current. By the time I got to the top layer the iron was so hot it fried almost the entire top layer despite the quick passes of the iron. It got so hot the iron never worked again. Since it is impossible to cut off the entire top layer of my hair at the root I had to wait patiently for it to grow out. My hair finally started to dry nicely with no styling products again. NICE!

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Madison is walking better and better each day. Her clothes that were too tight are starting to fit again. We still have a length issue and 3T definitely fits my little 15 month old better then 24 mo and 2T does. She is an observer most of the time. She will hardly ever nap in the car with the views passing by her window. She likes to take things apart. When eating she plays with her food for a while then slowly eats one item at a time until that item is completely gone.

Blake has gotten quite a bit of length on him lately. I think he’s around 32-33 inches tall. We’ve decided not to do the potty training thing with him even though he’s showing signs of being ready. It’s way too much work. I’m definitely not looking forward to spending so much time in the bathroom. He is a hyper kid who barrels into any situation and tries new things. He always has to be in Madison’s business especially if she is trying to have cuddle time with Guy or I. He gets me to turn on his piano at least once a day so he can play the preloaded music, rhythms and bang on the keys.

Both kids have pretty much forgotten they love vegetables. They both know a lot of words, but they are different from each other. It’s like they don’t want to be the same. They both go right into bed most of the time with Blakey trying to climb into his crib. They also love to pull all of the clothes out of their drawers at least once a day. Any activity outside is their preferred method of living and play.

On another note. We have decided we’ll be getting back on the fertility bandwagon. I’ve been faithfully tracking my cycles since the babies were born. All but one of them still has a short luteal phase. This indicates to me we’ll still need fertility treatments to conceive again. Oh, and we have not used any birth control since the babies were born with some cycles we definitely got together during the right time. I’ll be making an appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist in September with the goal of trying again in November. This will give us enough time to change my insurance to include maternity coverage & maybe the Aflac hospital plan again.

Moms of multiples should definitely fill out this survey. Because of all the publicity John & Kate plus 8 have caused and the statistics people throw around regarding divorce among parents of multiples MOST has initiated this survey. The primary figures for divorce among multiples parents is pretty low. The national rate of divorce is between 40-50%. Though I do think most of the online community is married so the results may be a bit on that side. But really, how can any survey be across the board?

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  1. Those cute little kiddos are getting so big and are just adorable!! Good luck with the fertility specialist, and congrats on the great new hair!! That must have been a long process, wow!


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