Recent photos, packages and funny kids

This week we received two, yes TWO, packages from grandparents.

My mom’s package arrived first. She found some fantastic deals on clothes & an adorable padded board book titles ‘I Love Grandma’. Oh, and two more sippy cups.
Babies 10 months 1482

The next package was from Guy’s mum. She send a couple dolls she gave we forgot to bring home with us, the razor and grooming kit we forgot (see a trend), a pair of pants Guy returned to Old Navy (they were ordered while in Utah & the replacement went there), two awesome quiet books for church, temple recommend holders & Donna threw in a bag of my favorite chips!!! Doritos only makes the Salsa Verde flavor West of the Mississippi. Oh well, our families are wonderful to get us the things we miss from the West coast. It’s kind of like living in a different country. I’m sure we’ll also miss some things from here if we leave. Blake had his big head in the way for the first shot.
Babies 10 months 1513
Babies 10 months 1514

Yesterday we busted out the bikes (Guy did it) and installed the kids bike seats. One bike seat we got from Buttons & Bows consignment store for only $30 and the other we got from our Yahoo Freecycle group. YAY for bargain hunting and generous people! Here is a shot of us getting ready to go taken by Guy. The babies did very well. They looked around a lot. Madison tried to eat the hanging part of her harness in her typical fashion. Blake used the bar and Guy’s booty as a drum most of the time. He also pulled his glasses down a couple of times.
Babies 10 months 1496

The kids are so stinkin adorable in their glasses and hats. Nanny gave Madison her pioneer bonnet from the ‘This is the Place’ monument and visitors center.
Babies 10 months 1493

Babies 10 months 1500

I must have put Madison’s glasses on a little tight! She was pretty sweaty under them despite the cool temp. She had what looked like a unibrow for a good hour or so after they came off. Here is a shot!
Babies 10 months 1510

I forget now why Blake was in his cutie patootie diaper, but they were just having a ball hanging out with me the other day.
Babies 10 months 1462

I was tickling them with my feet.
Babies 10 months 1465

He is giving her a kiss not a bite.
Babies 10 months 1466

Happy girl
Babies 10 months 1467

You may be able to see her top tooth in this shot. She has two more up top coming in. Blake has the numbers three and four on top coming in right now.
Babies 10 months 1469


  1. it’s always so nice to receive packages + letters in the mail. what cutie pies, as always.

  2. oh my, i love that photo of your sweet madison with the bonnet on! so adorable!

  3. Glad your package arrived safely, I just hope the Doritos travelled well & didn't get smushed too much. I tried to pack them in the middle. Kids are growing so fast, they will be toddlers soon, no longer babies. love to all

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