Rest required

Over the weekend I was feeling a pain across my entire belly which caused me to walk hunched over like a tummy tuck patient. On Monday I woke up with a very sharp pain on my left side where the cysts are. I decided to go into the doctor. They got me in around 11 am. The appointment was with a nurse practitioner, but once I was getting checked in by the nurse assistant they upgraded me to an OB. He was really nice. We were able to talk about my cysts more in depth. He assured me the babies would not be growth restricted because they are outside the uterus (as well as the fibriods being on the outside) so the babies will determine their own growth. He also wasn’t concerned at all about my lack of weight gain. What he was concerned about was the pain across my belly. He gave me a perscription for a safe narcotic (it’s fun to say narcotic for some reason) and said I need to be on a modified bed rest. He said I need to take two days off work and be very lazy at home. I have been taking it easy, and will take Wednesday off work to rest. Hopefully, I wont need to take another day off but will if needed. I think this is coming from overdoing it last week. Up until now I have been resting every day after work and on the weekends. But the weekend before last Tawni (my sister0 and her new hubby Sam came to stay. I took and then did all the computer work on their photos working until they left on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday afternoon of the same weekend our travel buddies from Cincinatti OH came down with their 3 month old son. We spent time with them and also did their photos every day after work. So I think it was all just too much on the body at the moment. Hopefully after a super rest this week I can at least work and be lazy the rest of the time. The lack of money coming in would really suck if it starts this early.