Rushing, Hurting & Lost

That surely doesn’t sound like a very positive title! Really it’s not all that bad.

Tuesday night had a very long session of getting rid of Blake’s most recent Charlie Horse around 11:00pm. Madison was also upset the entire 35 minutes I was massaging his leg trying to lay on my moving arms, lap or wherever she could get her whinny self onto me. As soon as the pain subsided Blake was ready to go to sleep. Madison was good and upset for the slight of not being able to properly cuddle her while tending to Blake. It wasn’t until I lost my patience at 1:00 am and yelled at her that, I NEEDED her to get into her own bed and not make a peep because she was asleep. Madison took about 2 minutes while cuddling on my lap/shoulder to tell me, “Yes” she would do that. What not even two year old gets all that, makes up her mind & then does it? Strange girl.

I didn’t sleep well the night before last. Even though I was all set and ready to head to bed at 10:30 it was somehow midnight when my head hit the pillow. At 4:00 am both kids were wide awake with Madison not so happy to be woken up with super chipper brother who knows how to turn the light on. It took about 30 minutes to get him back to sleep {she was out in 2-3}. However, I was still not really having my cycle begin like it should & started worrying my appointment was made too quickly. There went another 45 minutes of missed sleep over that. Poor Guy about lost his head when he got home at 5:00am and left the kids door open after checking on them. I wanted them happily playing in their room for a while since I didn’t get enough sleep.

My cycle finally started a bit more just prior to my appointment. Enough that she didn’t make me come back today for another ultra sound {from now on u/s}. My ovaries looked great with little atrial follicles starting to develop. Follicles are what grow around an egg to mature it in preparation for it to release upon ovulation. Most cycles a woman will have several follicles start to mature with only one released at ovulation. Fraternal twins which occur in about 1 out of 250 pregnancies occur when more then one egg is released. Recent studies are showing much higher rates of twin pregnancies then professionals ever suspected because more doctors offices are doing early pregnancy u/s between 7-10 weeks. Many twin pregnancies end up as one if one twin does not make it early on. Anyway, sorry about the side track. My uterine ‘stripe’ as Reproductive Endocrinologists {RE} call it looked pretty thick. Since I hadn’t really gotten a good flow yet that was to be expected. She gave the go for my cycle.

Today I gave myself the first shot in the stomach. Since we are not doing the insemination at the RE’s office I moved the shot time to 4pm instead of 6pm as the 6pm is so the insemination can be timed right. 4:00 pm works better for me as Guy will always be around to make sure I don’t space giving myself a shot at exactly the right time.

My friend, Lisa, who so kindly agreed to come with me to the doctors was great company. She asked if it would be OK to stop by the home school store to buy Kailyn a new math workbook. Yep, no worries. We drove to find her nearest bank who had a monster line to get through. Then we decided to go by the company to pick up my order of PreSeed & a few cheap pregnancy tests. What happened next is pure funky. We called the office to get directions as neither of us knew the town of Morrisville very well. She was put on hold right away and mentioned the lady was not all there. After talking to her for the next five minutes to try and get directions she was put on hold for another 3-4 minutes. Lisa said the lady really didn’t sound all there. “A dingbat?” I asked. “Yep!” Hmmmm, we should have tried another way right then. Instead we got some directions after another 5 minutes. We got on the road and started following them. Lisa realized looking at the directions she wrote down they was no way they were right. She called back only to get the dingbat again. She clarified the directions. Twenty minutes later we were almost exactly back where we started after making a giant circle. The last six miles back to origin we were stuck with no turn around! We called her husband, Travis, to find out she was trying to make us turn onto a street {name change} that was the same street in the opposite direction right where we turned onto the street we were on. He could not find our destination street in any of the mapping programs he looked at. Ughhh. So since she told us it was right off that street we headed all the way back and down the correctly named street. After leaving the town by a couple miles we decided that can’t be right and called back. They told us it was off the other named side of the street. Well then why in the world did that dingbat even mention the other named side? This means we passed their location TWICE. Yes, twice. It also means it was only 10 minutes from our original location. It took 50 minutes from the start of the first phone call to the moment I walked in the door. They should have given me a $5 discount. Instead the very competent lady they had working there who just arrived {oh I wish she had come in early to give us directions} listened to my frustration nicely. She could have offered me a bit of a discount, but instead she nicely said, “Hmmmm, didn’t get directions before you left.” Well, no I had two rough nights & not enough time to do it before we left for my appointment. Next time I’ll be sure to print directions or have the GPS with me. That’s for sure!

By the way, PreSeed is a sperm friendly product to help with conception. Women have natural cervical fluid that supports sperm the most right at ovulation. With this product you can use it several days earlier since sperm life up to five days increasing the chances of pregnancy & a girl if you are so inclined. Am I repeating myself? It feels like I’ve said this before, but I often ‘write’ posts in my head that are never posted.

Tonight was my first shot. It didn’t hurt at all going in. It didn’t hurt administering it. The injection site did hurt a little later on though. I don’t remember it hurting at all unless I hit a vein last time. Maybe it’s my tiredness.

The light at the end of tunnel just might be a darling newborn like this! Our friends, Rich and Allison, welcomed this little sweetie into their family last week. I got to spend 3 hours with them on Tuesday photographing their family. There are too many great shots to pick a favorite. This one is showing off the newest prop I made which is called a stork pouch.
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  1. Good luck with the treatments Shannon, I hope you end up with such a cute little bundle in the end. We'll be praying for ya'! xoxo -H

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