Sad & Happy to be home…

The babies are doing so many new things every day I can’t remember them all… They are really starting to understand how their world works. Madison has different cries for different reasons. We weighed them on the bathroom scale to find out they are just under 15 pound each. Blake is now almost 3 times his lowest weight. Madison seems to have found her hand. Both of them are sucking on their fingers. Blake sucks on his left hand. Madison sucks on her right hand. They have little interest in the bouncers for long. They are still iffy on the floor activity mats too. Both of them LOVE watching TV. It absolutely fascinates them. Madison makes all kinds of noises and funny expressions when she poops. You wouldn’t know Blake is pooping unless you are holding him. Madison startles very easily and she will make her eyes super wide open occasionally when looking at me. Madison also thinks the car and car seat are fine, but only if the car is moving at least 35 miles per hour. Otherwise she screams to be let out. Let’s see, what else? Oh, there is just so much going on with them.

Rush’s “Working Man” just came on the music channel (the babies listen to different channels each day to give them lots of music exposure) which reminded me of driving with Lin and some dude to go hike Squaw Peak eons ago! There’s a plug for ya sis. I always associate the band, Rush, with Lin.

Yesterday was our first trip out alone to the grocery store. Yes, it was on Sunday… We arrived home Sunday morning from the trip at 12:30 am. Guy and I split ways to settle his working items and the babies. The bags still aren’t fully unpacked. He got up for work at 4 am after only 2 hours of sleep since he had a hard time getting to sleep to sign on for work at 5 am. I got about 6 1/2 hours of sleep. When we got up I got bottles and the diaper bag ready. Melissa told me she was soooo tired of Moose and wanted me to pick him up as soon as possible since he barked so much at her house. We went to get him and fill the supremely empty gas tank. I decided to get a bean burrito on my way home to save time to make it on time to church. Bad idea. The line was slow and long and they gave me a beef burrito instead of bean. Wasn’t bad though it did make me 10 minutes late instead of 5 minutes early. Back at the house I let Moose into the sun porch while Blake started to scream in agony. Apparently he thought the milk supply was permanently cut off for him. I pulled him out and nursed him for 6 minutes in the back seat. At that time Madison decided she was starving too. So then she got some too. Well, it did the trick to get us to church after the sacrament had been passed. I ended up wisely deciding to sit in the foyer. Blake woke up to be noisily fed followed by Madison 5 minutes after he was done. Lots of ladies started volunteering to take one ending up passing Blake around. After the Relief Society meeting I headed to the grocery store to get the necessities we were lacking. One baby went into the front carrier and the other in an infant car seat latched onto the shopping cart. A cart boy just happened to be walking by with a cart for me. I got in line after gathering all we needed while the babies both slept the 45 minutes away (apparently I was walking slow). The girl in front of me had a big heaping cart full. I noticed her son had on a cloth diaper. We started chatting and after forever her order was just about rung up. Did I mention that the cashier is the slowest checker ever (2nd time I’ve been in his line)? I asked her if we should exchange numbers and she happily said yes. I found a new friend!!! Mary has two kids with another one on the way. Once we arrived home Guy had to stop mowing the lawn to help me with the groceries. Madison decided she was once again never going to get food when the car got under 35 MPH coming up to the house. All in all it was a successful trip out by ourselves….

Today we also started using our cloth diapers. So far I’ve found out either Blake is a super heavy wetter or the water resistant cover has not quite been prepped properly and needs some more time in a hot dryer. All of a sudden my lap got very warm…. They are super cute and we are on the way. It should be a great journey of money and environmental savings for us.

I’ve been working on photos as much as possible today. I’ll either upload a link to a faster upload site or start uploading them here soon.

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  1. I am glad to hear you are doing well and settled back in. I miss snuggling with my babies.

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