Sing it: I’m leaving on a jet plane… don’t know when I’ll be back again….

The pictures do not go along with the text.  They are from our trip to Marbles Children’s Museum in Raleigh a few weeks ago.  I’ve loaded a TON of new pictures up to make it a bit easier to blog on the fly.  Most of the time it’s the pictures that take me the longest to get ready.
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We just got our pictures back from our October photo shoot.  My photographer friend had nothing but computer problems the past few months.  I’m hoping to work on them in the next couple days so I can share them with my family & on here!  The kids were really tired and hungry by the time we got to our little family pictures, but there are a few gems.

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The kids are so cute.  Last night they were playing in the living room.  Madison was sitting on top of the slide with Blake standing below at the bottom.  He got right up to the edge & climbed just on the bottom.  Madison went down.  They thought it was hilarious.   When they noticed us looking at them with parental love {amusement}, they decided they needed to give us a show.  They started giggling, hugging and rolling around on the floor.  At one point they were laying next to each other on their side/bellies with their faces almost nose to nose and each had an arm over the others back.  We loved it.

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Guy is a genius!  He has spent some time online in the past few months trying to find me a cruise we can afford.  Well, last week he found us one, and we leave on Saturday!

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I think it’s the perfect remedy for our little families recent emotional trials.  Sure, we could use that for another fertility cycle, but it just might not work.  Remember, it took us almost five years and at least $20,000.00 to get the kids.  We both feel really good about the size of our family.   Sometimes, I feel a bit bummed about us not adding to the family.   One thing that’s helped is to stop being a part of a twin message board online.  While it was fun to give advice it was making me a little crazy since almost all the posts were by the pregnant women.  I have a great network of friends with multiples the same age as mine & some who are a bit ahead.  There are also a few preggo friends I’ve made recently who I’m excited to get to know better.  Photographing the little ones is definitely no biggie.  When that work cap goes on my brain is really all about how to work the magic.  Besides, who doesn’t love to hold a new baby?!?!

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Life really is what we make it.  That doesn’t mean we don’t go through trials & experience sorrow.  For us there are so many other things to focus on at any time, we don’t dwell on those things that will bring us down.  We’ve also prayed to know our family is good like it is.  Both of us have received peace & comfort from these prayers.

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Do you think it’s possible to lose 8 pounds in 10 days without decreasing your food intake?  This is how much notice I’ve had to bring us to cruise day.  I’m on day 4 with pretty much no results despite working out almost every day at least 3 times.   Every day has had one work out for sure with most having 3.  With the fertility cycle and the month of eating to excess the month after I’ve put on 8 pounds.  No fitting in a swim suit for me!

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Luckily, even if my efforts do not pay off Lands End had a spectacular sale on their overstocked slimming swim suits just for me.  The new suit should arrive by Thursday.  I’ve wanted one ever since hearing about them.  My friend, Allison, has the most darling full coverage swim suit which convinced me that a full coverage suit {no tummy and a skirt on the suit} does not need to look like a granny suit even in all black.  Maybe it’s because she is so cute, but it will certainly be more comfortable.  My thoughts are if I feel more comfortable then I’ll be more confident thus appearing better regardless if the suit really helps or not!  Isn’t confidence supposed to be more attractive then real beauty anyway?

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Both Madison and Blake are doing really well at potty training.  We couldn’t be more happy with them.  This evening Guy was cleaning up something while I was on the elliptical.  I turned to see what the kids were doing in the bathroom he had left them in.  Madison must have indicated she needed to potty because they teamed up to get her pants and undies off for her to climb up to the big potty.  She announced to Guy when he returned {upon me yelling to him he had to see what they were doing} she had gone pee pee.  They are so good.  We have some accidents.  They are mostly still poop, though Blake does most of his in the potty now.  Blake also gets busy living live and doesn’t think about needing to go until it’s too late.  Madison is starting to get really good at announcing to us when she needs to go pee.

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Maddy is also learning the need to go pee will get her out of things like finishing her food, cleaning up toys, being in trouble & Blake pestering her.  For now I humor her each time, and hopefully she will learn those things will all still be waiting for her to finish when she is done on the potty.

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Are you totally wondering about the cruise details?  Since most of my readers are my Facebook friends you most likely already know most of it.  We will be leaving out of Miami & stopping at four fabulous Eastern Caribbean destinations over the course of 7 days.  This includes a stop at the famous pirate spot of Tortola!  We are looking forward to the clear blue water, white sands & yummy food.  The kids are getting really excited & have loved the YouTube videos of ships blowing their horns Guy has shown them.   They loved the Disney {we are not going Disney} one the best as it does the famous Disney tune.  The bags are almost packed, snacks are purchased & potty training is good enough.

We are almost outta here!
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  1. Love the pics! I hope you have a great time on your cruise — it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun!

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