Some Blake & Madison info

Why is it called solid food when it is runny food? I’m calling their food runny until it gets solid! We completed 4 days of peas in honor of the only veggie their dad will eat. Both grew more fond of them as each feeding progressed and tolerated most feedings well. I’m glad I read somewhere not to start a runny feed when they are hungry. The one time I tried it their bottles were (thankfully) already made. Today we started winter squash. Blake lapped it up saying, “good. like that. alright.” none of which did I say first during this feeding. Mind you they were pronounced like, “guuuth. alll riiii. lakhhh thaaaa.” This still seems very advanced for our little Blakey.

Madison did something awesome last night, but I can’t remember what it was now. Guy and I were really impressed with her. Well, anyway, she does a pretty funny right now. During most changings she usually gets a little ‘air’ time to dry out her privates. If she is on a smoother surface like a crib sheet, bed or changing pad she just lifts her legs and booty as high as she can then slams or puts them down. Now, if she is on carpet, she adds the step of relaxing and squeezing her booty cheeks together on the carpet. She gives herself a little scratch or massage.

Both babies are making the first attempts to hold their own bottles.

Blake turns himself around in his crib and migrates all around it on his back. He also has figured out how to turn off and on his Ocean Wonders crib entertainer by kicking up his feet to hit the button. It is definitely intentional. He also sleeps on his side.

Madison is jabbering much more now. She carries on these low pitched monotone moaning dialogues now.

They seem to be about 20 pounds and are no longer fitting into most 6-9 and 9 month clothes. We are hoping some of the summer stuff will fit them long enough to get through the Phx visit.

They both still stink at sleeping through the night. Last night we were up four times. I got three and Guy took one. I really should have slept between their 9-11 feedings. Even if it’s only for an hour it would be better. But having the first sleep be so short is often really sucky and makes me feel worse no matter how much sleep I get in total (generally less then 6 1/2 the last two months).

Breastfeeding is officially over with. My lovely monthly friend has made an appearance. Ironically after talking to some friends about it being gone for so long despite barely to no breastfeeding the last two months.