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First of all I just want to say THANK YOU DONNA!!!! Love, love, love you and appreciate you. Donna is Guy’s sister. I called her today with a problem we were having. She literally dropped everything and took care of our problem within an hour. And by dropped everything she got up and got in her car within 10 minutes of talking to me. Wow! The problem was with the new nebulizer machine we got for Blake. I took the stupid thing home blithely assuming it would be covered like crutches, foot cast and other stuff have been in the past. Today I get a call from the company letting me know it is ‘covered’ by our insurance, but we need to meet our deductible of $750 first. Their contracted rate on it is $24?.00 (I stopped listening at 240). What?!?!? I nicely complained a bit. She then told me I could go without filing it through my insurance and she could offer it to me for $150.00. Well, that actually made me more upset about the whole thing. So I said, ‘If I had known it wasn’t going to be paid for by the insurance company I wouldn’t have taken the d*** thing home.” My patience had worn out because now we are sitting here on our fourth day of using it and I’m feeling trapped! And it occurred to me, Donna, works for a company who sells them. I then mention to her my sister works for a company who sells them. She then offered to only charge us a rental fee of $25 for a week if we return it with the original ‘kit’ by Friday. I got their information and hung up to call Donna, and even managed to end the call politely and nicely. Donna talked to her boss and was out the door to pick up a machine to mail to us. Wow, that is so awesome! I always feel blessed to be in the White family, and today, once again, being in a large family of great people blessed our lives. Donna mentioned to Guy her boss likes the twins from the photos on this blog. Yay, another reason blogging isn’t a waste of time. I love all of you guys who read this blog!

Blake and I were playing peek a boo here
Babies 8 months 1063

He has started this funny face with squinched up eyes and then sticking his tongue out to touch his chin repeatedly
Babies 8 months 1069

Here is some of the tongue action He can reach the bottom of his chin!
Babies 8 months 1070

More squinched up eyes He knows it gets me smiling and/or laughing
And check out his teeth! Aren’t they adorable?
Babies 8 months 1071

A pause before telling me something
Babies 8 months 1073

Oh! He is now ready for the bottle Way back there in the background where he threw it
Babies 8 months 1088

Madison delicately reaching out to grab her bottle
Babies 8 months 1078

Still exploring the bottle
Babies 8 months 1079

Yep, still exploring the bottle
Babies 8 months 1082

Now she is bringing it in. But notice how her two fingers are pinching the nipple…. Both kids are loving doing this at the moment driving me crazy. Because……
Babies 8 months 1080

They end up spraying themselves and everything around them! But isn’t that a cute smile?
Babies 8 months 1089

For more good news I totally scored some clothes, some books and the second seat for our bikes we needed on WakeFreecycle! All of these fabulous finds more then make up for my two recent bad pick up trips. Those behind the bike seats are way to expensive for us to budget for them, and both of us like to ride. Hopefully this area proves to be as good an area as our last house in nice riding around us. The church missionaries stopped by on Saturday. They said Winston Road is really hilly so we’ll avoid that one the first few times we go. Having the extra 20+ pounds should be interesting to get used to.

On the not so good news front. Mum and Dad called us to say Dad went to his appointment today. They confirmed he does have Parkinson’s. He got a prescription to start. Hopefully the meds will help him feel better and stop the signs and progression of the disease. Any prayer would definitely be appreciated.


  1. cute pictures, as always 🙂 i am so happy to hear that you were able to get things sorted out with the nebulizer. and i am so sorry about the confirmation news with your dad, continued prayers.

  2. Love Blake’s teeth and Madi’s Tutu! So upsetting about his breathing. I grew up with asthma and understand the feeling.

  3. Sorry about the breathing problems. We have a nebulizer too. It is mine, but we have had to use it for John and the kids too.

    I am totally loving the pictures! (as usual) My youngest (Max-4) is totally floored that you got 2 babies! He just can’t imagine more that one growing in your tummy-lol

    Can’t wait to make some tutu’s of my own. I have several friends that have made some really cute ones. I never thought I would get the chance since Katie is almost 12. Once Emma gets here, we get to do all that fun stuff! 😀

    Hope you had/have a wonderful holiday! ttyl

  4. Sorry to hear about Guy’s dad, our thoughts are with you. And Alex did that same thing with his bottle, the little stinker! He thought it was absolutely hilarious. Blake’s teeth are too cute! Thanks again for sharing the pics, it’s so fun to watch them grow. 😀

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