Something to make you laugh

Really? Look at these faces!
Us May09 1194

And these…
Us May09 1198

They love looking in or out of the window by the door at each other or us. The only time they don’t love it so much is when they watch their daddy walk away on his way to work. When they see him getting ready for work they start to get upset and whinny.

Here are photos from the kids first visit to the strawberry patch. It was a lovely overcast day.
The first bite. I love Blake’s hair!
Us May09 1022

Us May09 1032

They didn’t mind being barefoot. Guy was helping me get out the door to meet some friends and forgot to put their shoes on. I didn’t notice until we got there.
Us May09 1006

Lisa took some shots with me in them and of the kids.
Us May09 1058

There was crushed strawberries everywhere. Luckily I thought to bring some wipes out into the field.
Us May09 1080

Great shot, Lisa!! Thanks for getting the goo all over Madison’s face.
Us May09 1101

Blake checking out his messy clothes. Maybe he’ll love being clean and having everything clean around him like Guy. That would be nice.
Us May09 1122

Little man walking in a big field.
Us May09 1129

He is so done and needed some cuddles.
Us May09 1134

Lisa was up for the job as long as he was wiped down first! If I had those cute pants on I’d feel the same way.
Us May09 1137

Then Madison decided she was done.
Us May09 1138

She doesn’t like how dresses hinder her crawling so she posts her legs up like below and crawls with her hands and feet. It is so funny. Hopefully it helps encourage her to walk sooner.
Us May09 1139

Her very messed up dress floating through the air. It took me quite a few tries to get this shot.
Us May09 1146

MacKensie picking strawberries.
Us May09 1153

I set the camera on interval timer to take a shot every 7 seconds for 11 frames. We couldn’t count to save our lives and were getting tired of trying to guess. So we decided to jump for a shot. That got us giggling trying to guess when to jump.
Us May09 1160

Here we are totally giggling. Then Lisa decided she was done after this and walked out.
Us May09 1161

I walked right up to the camera with Blake to burn the extra frames. This gem is the result.
Us May09 1166

My cute and dirty kids.
Us May09 1167

Baby birdie update:

Here is a shot a few days after the first one where they were a couple days old.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1034

All three in the same shot.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1035

Here is the mama bird watching me take photos of the baby birdies.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1036

After only a couple more days they were already this big!
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1064

Only a few days later they were all out of the nest. This was the last shot I got before they were all gone.
Us May09 1181

Us May09 1179


  1. ooh, a strawberry patch! what a great idea for a weekend trip with my little ones. though i think we will do blueberries instead since it is a serious obsession of theirs. i love the shots!

  2. That looked like a ton of fun! I also loved Blake’s hair and all the strawberry mess. 🙂

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