Sorry it’s been awhile

I have more photos to go through. On Wednesday I thought the doctor would clear me to lift the children. He said to wait until at least Monday and maybe Wednesday before lifting them again. My lifting weight limit is 10 pounds! Suck!
Our wonderful church has continued to offer support day and night with guy working 12 hour night shifts and sleeping. He also has an upper respritory infection so has felt really crappy all the time. Right now my last shift of helpers is here watching the kids sleep and making dinner too! Love me some dinner. Gotta run and get back to visiting with my helpers!


  1. I glad you have help too- just wish it was me…of course I wouldn’t be much use right now- puking on your babies and such…
    Anyway mostly I am glad you are feeling better and tell guy he’s not alone- poor Mando does pretty much everything around here these days and I don’t think he realized he was signing up for this when he married me (course I didn’t sign up for it either come to think of it)
    Anyway- keep getting better and call one of these moments when the kiddies are napping together…miss you

  2. Thanks Lisa. The help has been fantastic!!!!

    Aleesha – I will call you soon! Your comment was great on you not signing up for the morning sickness from hell. I would think you were crazy if you had! Hopefully we’ll get to AZ soon. We have a companion pass to use but just need to see when the best time will be.

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