Strange… pure strange

Here is an oldie but goodie shot of Madison checking out Moose last year. Just look at that bald head.
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So today I had a very weird prompting to get me to church. It has been hard lately with the twins food, activity level and tiredness. Last night I was waiting for an upload to finish before going to bed. It took until about 12:30 am which only gave me about 7 hours of sleep when all was said and done. My alarm went off at 7:30 am. I quickly turned it off and laid back down for some lazy prayer time. I am suddenly jolted awake by my fire alarm! It went off throughout the house. As soon as my brain realized what it was & I was very alertly upright it stopped. It was 8:10 am. In order to get to church on time it is best to leave at 8:30 or earlier. My thought is the fire alarm was to get me out of bed & to church. The kids were playing happily in their cribs as they normally do (very contentedly for about 30-60 minutes every morning before hollering for me to get them). As I quickly went about getting us all out the door for church I was also busy sniffing every part of the house. No smoke. Nothing.

I did take my camera bag, computer, backup drive and card reader to church with me just on the off chance the house burnt down while we were at church… What was the weirdest prompting you have received in your life?