Studio Lights are so much fun

I’m loving having studio lighting at home!!!  Seriously.  The kids are helping me work out the kinks of how I want to arrange my lighting for different effects and moods.  They have gone into the studio area several times and yelled for me to come shoot some images of their doll or other toy.  They do lose interest pretty quickly and don’t have a lot of patience for moving the lights around to try something new much less change a background.  I may need to set up a couple friends to come over who wouldn’t mind patiently letting me fiddle with some lights around taking some images.

Here is just one of the cute images they’ve let me take of them this last week while we were cooped up for our sick days.

Check out Madison’s neck in the image.  Guy brought the rash to my attention then I noticed it in some images from a couple weeks prior.  She’s had it for a while now.  The only thing we think it could be from is the dry cleaning chemicals on the ‘Lady Pirate’ dress she tried on and wore for the Halloween shoot, or it could be from the new and resale clothes I’ve been putting on her lately.  So we pulled out everything she hadn’t yet worn from the closet which created a long day of laundry when added to our normal laundry pile.  A thin layer of hydrocortisone cream seems to be helping it go away.

In other news…  We are finally going to be able to see Guy’s family again soon.  The tickets are purchased!  If anyone in Utah wants to schedule a December session let me know.   This includes family members.  We want to have all the sessions I’ll do set up with a date and time.

Pregnant girl signing off.  14 weeks and 4 days done of 40 weeks.

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