Summers a comin to an end

First of all, let me say there is yet another reason I ~LOVE~ Facebook.  On my birthday, 130 people took the time to wish me a happy birthday!  Woah!  That was so fantastic!  Seriously.  It may have only taken between 2 and 45 seconds out of their day, but it sure made mine.  The funny thing is that it still didn’t help my mom remember.  About half way through the day I commented to my sister that she may want to call mom to remind her so she didn’t feel bad when she got to work on Monday and saw it was my birthday on Facebook.

The first year my mom forgot my birthday so did everyone else.  I had a great time with it though.  We planned on going out to lunch with some family and Guy asked me where I wanted to go.  I told him somewhere they would give me a free desert.  He looked at me weird because he knew desert wasn’t my thing.  Then the light bulb went off.  We ended up eating at Native New Yorker since it is one of my favorites.  Yum!  This year we went out to dinner at least 4 times during the week before and week after my birthday.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to use some of the free meal coupons I got.  They came from restaurants I like that have newsletters or clubs to sign up for online.  Mimi’s Cafe was definitely one of my favorite places to eat my free meal at.  The Mediterranean Chicken fettucini was super yummy.

This kid is just as yummy as the food was!!!

We now have further proof that Landon is a beast!  He had his 4 month appointment yesterday.  His head came in at a fairly normal 90%.  Where he really showed off that he is a big boy is in the height and weight categories.  He is 28 inches long and 21 pds 6 oz.  If you are looking at the chart with the series of lines representing the % points he is above the highest curve.  To give you an idea of how far above the curve is would be to take 3-4 of those % lines and go up that much further over the top one in both height and weight.  lol  He is perfectly proportional and it’s about the same as his birth stats are above the curve.

The doc was super impressed with Landon.  She asked if we had any concerns to which I just chuckled.  The kid is great.  He is way ahead of where the twins were at this age in what he can do.  He rolls from front to back.  He almost stays sitting on his own when we sit him up.  He bears weight when we stand him up.  He has fabulous head control and holds himself pushed up.  He grabs things intentionally.  He tracks movement and makes great eye contact.  He gabbers and laughs all the time even talking for up to 20 minutes strait.  Before we left for his appointment yesterday he played peek a boo with Madison.  She put her hat over his face and he took it off.  I’m actually pretty blown away by all that he can do.  It would be cool to think he’s a genius, but I’m sure he’s just a normal kiddo getting a jump start on his development.

Oh, and he can do the Rock one eyebrow lift.  ha ha

My mom and I were having a conversation about Landon the other day.  I joked to her that Landon had better walk when he’s 9  months old or people will look at me and think that 1 1/2 year old should be walking already.  She said back to me, “No they will want to know why that 2 year old isn’t walking yet.”  Ha ha, that was funny.

It looks like Blake is up to something here. Who knows, he may have been.  He loves to get into Landon’s business any opportunity he has.  Most of the time Landon thinks it is great fun to be the recipient of so much attention.

Their first morning of school! 

Blake and Madison had some big changes this last week!  A couple weeks ago we decided at the last minute to put them in preschool.  They are now going to the Country Garden Montessori in Willow Spring, NC.  Monday was their first day.  We were there first so they got to go in and go through the morning arrival routine without anyone else around.  Blake was so excited he couldn’t sit in the story time circle and exclaimed a few times about how there were more kids at school.  The reports have all been good from the teachers and parents who’s kids told them about the other kids in class.  There are 3 other three year olds who started at the same time with them.

He really wanted to know why she wasn’t sharing that bracelet with him.

One report was on how shy Maddie was this week.  She more then makes up for it at home telling us in great detail about what they learned and did.  They both went right in with no hesitation or desire for me to stay with them on Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday was a little different though.  It started when there was no spot for Madison to sit next to Blake in the story time circle.  He came back out to get her, but before they went back in both needed a cuddle from me.  I love how independent they are and how they also want to cuddle for reassurance sometimes.  It feels like a pretty balanced outlook on the world by being a little bit of both.

Sometimes I can get them out enjoying a storm and sometimes they don’t want anything to do with it.  It probably has a lot to do with if there is any thunder at the moment!  🙂  Landon just likes to be outside no matter what the conditions are.  We’ll see if he likes the cold in a few months.

We are waiting to see what a punch hurricane Irene throws tomorrow.  She is making her way up to the North Carolina coast.  With its current track Raleigh is just on the edge of the affected area with an estimated 1-2 inches of rain and 50 MPH winds.  We should have a day of rain through tomorrow.  The storm is expected to do a ton of damage from the  NC coast all the way up past Albany NY with the cities right on the coast the most affected.


Blake is wearing daddy’s work watch and toting around Mater whom he usually calls Motor.

This image of Maddie cracks me up!  It speaks volumes of her princess fascination, love of her dinosaurs and her habits of picking her nose.

Emily, my summer intern, is off to school.  We’ll miss having her around helping with the photography business.   This was taken her last day with us.  I get to see her again in a couple weeks when she will be back to shoot a wedding with me.

Should a 3 month old fit so well into a huge car seat?

As we say goodbye to summer we will be seeing much less of great times like these images at our friends pool.   The water has given us so many fun memories this summer!  Here Madison is making the water get Alyssa.

All the kids love these water spouts.  Cody was rockin it!

Blake actually went down this slide happily which surprised me!  He has had a fear of dark tunnel slides this summer, but he decided to conquer that fear to have some fun!  Blake is splashing Cody as he finished his slide.

My friend, Melissa, with her baby boy.

The kids both love to take pictures.  They improve all the time.  I so cannot wait to have ones like this in focus!  He got the framing right.  It’s all baby steps.  Darn, I wish this one had come out.